Friday, September 30, 2016

On the left below is a false image of Oswald, one supposedly taken in Russia. I believe and am quite sure that it is a composite photo, but in any case, it is definitely not authentically him, the Oswald of fame, and I'll explain why. 

First, is that a mole on his neck? Because, the Oswald of fame didn't have one. It looks like a mole, and it appears in all the versions of that photo, including this one, which is a Warren Commission exhibit. 

So, are we supposed to believe that Oswald had a mole which he had removed? But, no dermatologist would ever say that that is a dangerous looking mole. But note that, as I analyze the photo, I consider that to be the side of the other Oswald. So, maybe he really did have a mole there, and they just didn't notice it when they made the composite. 

But, let's go back to the collage.

There is a big difference in the noses. On the left, he has a lot bigger, wider hunk of nasal-tip cartilage there. On the right, his nasal tip looks smaller, narrower, and more refined. Keep in mind that the nasal cartilage keeps growing throughout life, and if we all lived to 150, many of us would wind up with noses like Jimmy Durante. But above, he was several years younger on the left. Notice also how wide the bridge of his nose is on the left; it is much wider than it is on the right. 

We know for a fact that Oswald had very symmetrical nostrils. But, the Oswald on the left doesn't. Look at him lightened.

Look how grossly asymmetrical that looks. And I am quite sure they added that shadow under his nose on his left side (right to us) in order to hide the asymmetry of his nostrils, which was the result of putting two half-images together. 

Next, compare the chins. On the left, he's got a big anvil-like chin. On the right, his chin is more pointed, and it also had a central crevice or dimple which we don't see on the left. As I said, it looks anvil-like. 

Now for the eyes: On the left, his eyebrow looks totally artificial. It's pencil-thin laterally, and medially, it looks like a thick, painted stripe. 

That was certainly not Oswald's eyebrow, and I don't think it was anybody's. It looks fake, and it was fake. 

Now let's compare the mouths.

On the left, if you look on the right side of it, you'll see that the line of his mouth is missing. It comes abruptly to an end. And notice the asymmetry of the mouth on the left. Mouths tend to be very symmetrical on everybody. 

Finally, look how stocky this guy looks. 

Oswald was thin, even when he was in Russia.

Notice on the right that Oswald was parting his hair on the other side at that time. Look how thin his neck and his whole face was in comparison to the guy on the left. That is a fake image. It is phony. It is probably a composite image of "Harvey" and "Lee" but with a lot of doctoring to boot. It's just altogether fake. 

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