Friday, September 30, 2016

It's a funny thing; Backes claims that the Dallas Police were so CORRUPT, criminally corrupt, as to frame Oswald for taking bus and cab rides that he didn't take. 

And, when I asked him how they expected to get away with it when Oswald had a mouth and was perfectly capable of saying and telling what he actually did instead- which he would have had no trouble establishing convincingly- Backes said that Dallas Police were unconcerned about that because they knew Oswald would be killed soon- and before he could speak to a lawyer.   

Oh really? They knew that the afternoon of November 22, did they? How do you figure, Backes? Tell us what you know.  

So, you think Fritz and Simms and Boyd, who planted the phony bus transfer ticket on Oswald that very afternoon, knew all along that he was going to be killed soon? How?

But, for a moment, let's just take Backes at his word. We'll say that the Dallas Police knew, all long, that Oswald was a gonner; that he was a dead man walking. Well, in that case, how can you defend the Dallas Police for their actions on November 24 when Oswald was killed?

For instance, I have pointed out that the Dallas Police issued all these alerts and alarms on the radio that they were receiving countless death threats against Oswald. So why then, when they brought Oswald out to where he was exposed to the public, did Officer Leavelle and Graves not look around to see if they could spot an attacker? Why did they look straight ahead like a work-horse with blinders? How is it that neither of them, neither Leavelle nor Graves, began to react in any way to "Ruby" until AFTER the shot went off? Doesn't it seem like an awake, aware, attentive, focused officer would have honed in on Ruby before he fired? Leavelle said he did, but Leavelle lied. The video shows that he did not.

In fact, you only have to look at the Beers photo, which is the second most famous image of the Oswald shooting.

I'm saying that this is bull shit, that Leavelle and Graves had sight and hearing and vibration sense and the ability to turn their heads if they wanted to. It's crap for them, and it's crap for Oswald. Earlier, Oswald turned his head to look at Ruby, so why not now? 

Here's another view:

How could Ruby get that far without any reaction from Leavelle, Graves, and Oswald? Even though they were looking straight ahead, they still had their peripheral vision.  And peripheral vision, though very blurry, is actually very sensitive to MOVEMENT, and "Ruby" was definitely moving. I'm saying that these guys were making a concerted effort NOT to see "Ruby."

Backes will take issue with all this, but he's the one who claims that the Dallas Police, including the detectives who were responsible for protecting Oswald, had their sights on killing him all along and from the very beginning, and that's what gave them the confidence to go ahead with a phony bus and cab ride scheme. Remember that the bus transfer ticket was entered into evidence at 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon, and it was shown to reporters. Do you understand, Backes, that there was no taking it back after that? That if something, anything surfaced proving that Oswald did something else that they would have been fucking cooked? And, if you think they derived the security and confidence to do it from knowing that Oswald would soon be killed, then why don't you apply that to Oswald's killing?   

The problem is that Joseph Backes is a very stupid man, and the tiny speck of his brain that came up with the idea for the phony bus and cab rides for Oswald doesn't talk to the tiny speck of his brain that wants to defend the Dallas Police for what they did on November 24. It's like he changes hats. He goes from being a Dallas Police accuser to a Dallas Police defender depending on which hat he's wearing. And he forgets all about the other. Idiot. 

Let's see you talk your way out of this, Backes. $20 says it's going to be a doozey. 

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