Thursday, September 15, 2016

Let's look further at Ruby's mug shot. I want to focus now on his shirt. This has to be his shirt because it sure isn't prisoner garb. So, it must be the shirt he was wearing when he shot Oswald.  

We can't tell from looking at it whether it was long-sleeved or short-sleeved, but we know that the shooter was wearing short sleeves because his jacket-sleeve retracted when he reached forward to shoot Oswald, and it exposed his bare forearm. So, Ruby's shirt needs to be short-sleeved in order to be consistent with that.

And, we know from this other image that it was, indeed, short-sleeved.

We never see the shooter well enough to tell whether he was wearing a tie. He's wearing a nice suit, so presumably he is wearing a tie, but we don't know from looking at him.

But, we have this image of Ruby after the shooting, where he looks disheveled, supposedly from the Charge in the Garage, and it shows him wearing a tie.

So, let's analyze this. Ruby's shirt is completely unbuttoned, but he's still wearing his tie. Doesn't that suggest to you that his buttons got torn off in the Charge in the Garage? What's the alternative? That he or somebody else undid all the buttons? What for? But, the shooter was wearing a jacket that was buttoned. It wasn't hanging open. So, how do the buttons get torn off of a shirt on a guy who is wearing a jacket? 

 So, since he is being grabbed around his jacket, how do the buttons get torn off his shirt?

So, Ruby was wearing a dress shirt and tie, and when wearing a tie, one has the shirt buttoned to the top. You don't button the top button when you're not wearing a tie, but when you are wearing one, you button all the buttons, including the top button. 

So, let's look again at Ruby's mug shot shirt. Is that supposed to be the same shirt he wore when he shot Oswald? 

But, how could it be when we have this other picture in which the shirt is unbuttoned presumably because the buttons got torn off in the Charge in the Garage?

So, how could he button the shirt for the mug shot, and why would he button it the way it appears, with the shirt splayed open cabana-style, like he's on a cruise ship going to tango class? Supposedly, he was just in a wild, pandemonious struggle, but, he's look pretty tidy. 

If he previously had the shirt buttoned up all the way because of his tie, how could it now look like that? Why on Earth would he primp it that way at a time like that? OR, is that another shirt, a prisoner shirt that they gave him? 

Don't tell me that is an inmate shirt. It does not look like one. Prisoner shirts are distinctive. They are made to look conspicuous so as to identify the person, at first sight, as someone in custody. This does not look like a shirt he would have been given to wear by the Dallas PD. Plus, mug shots are usually taken at the time a prisoner is being processed and before they receive their inmate clothes. Oswald's mug shot was taken in his own t-shirt. And, they didn't give him a prisoner shirt before or after his mug shot. So, why should we assume that they gave Ruby one? No, that has got to be Ruby's own shirt. But, how do you reconcile these two shirts?

I said: how do you reconcile these two shirts?

You can't. You can't reconcile the shirts. And you can't reconcile the whole images. That cabana shirt on the right is not a business shirt with which you'd wear a tie. And, it is not prison garb, and the very idea that they would have already given him prison garb is preposterous. So, what the hell is it, and how did it get on Ruby's back? 

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