Friday, September 16, 2016

That dirty, rotten Backes. He accepts everything the Dallas Police said- except when they were talking about Oswald's bus and cab rides. Then, according to Backes, they were lying through their teeth, inventing whole witnesses out of thin air, such as Mary Bledsoe. But, in regard to Oswald's killing, we should just listen and believe, says the idiot. 

And he puts up this video which includes interviews of Graves and Leavelle. Well, let's analyze their words.

Graves started off by saying that they were "attempting" to move Oswald. Attempting? One attempts to climb Mt. Everest. Moving a prisoner a few blocks to a different jail should hardly involve any "attempts." Then he said he heard no screams, yet, in Bill Lord's own film, you can hear Oswald screaming repeatedly.  Then, it went to Leavelle, who said that he saw Ruby, recognized him as Ruby, and saw that he had a gun. Then, Leavelle told a cock and bull story about jerking Oswald behind him and shoving Ruby, neither of which he did. Utter bull shit; a despicable lie. Then, he made the ridiculous statement that if he had known Ruby was going to be there, he doubted he could have done anything to prevent it. But, if he knew Ruby was going to be there, why would he have proceeded as he did at all?  To lead Oswald to his death? 

"I did jerk Oswald to try to jerk him behind me. I was handcuffed to him and also had a hold of the waistband of his trousers. I tried to jerk him behind me and also reached up and tried to catch hold of Jack Ruby's shoulder and shoved back on him, at the same time pulling on Oswald."  LIAR!

Leavelle did not react in any way until after Oswald was shot. 
Leavelle did not react in any way until after Oswald was shot. 
Leavelle did not react in any way until after Oswald was shot. 
Leavelle did not react in any way until after Oswald was shot.

Then, he lied again in saying that "Ruby" was still trying to fire the gun, and that he, himself, was the next intended target, and that he owed his life to his partner,  LC Graves, which is all bull shit. 

Then, in a second interview the next day, Leavelle, who was no longer wearing his Easter suit, talked about the transfer of Ruby as if it was a major accomplishment, the fact that he did it without Ruby being killed. He finished by saying, "You can't argue with success." He said they used a regular police car and had Ruby lie down on the back seat so that he wouldn't be seen as they were driving. 

Alright, so let me get this straight: people were calling the Dallas PD threatening to hurt and kill Oswald. This was one of the callers:

But then, once someone succeeded at killing Oswald, these people were mad that someone beat them to it, so they were out to kill that guy? Or was there another whole group of people who were Oswald supporters, now out for revenge? The way Leavelle talked about it, you'd think he expected a medal for getting Ruby to the County jail alive. 

You really think Leavelle walked along with his hand in Oswald's pants? And it just happened to come out like this?

You defend this shit, don't you, Backes? You dirty, rotten...

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