Thursday, September 29, 2016

This is unbelievable! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black:

"A new U.S. intelligence report says the Russian government is conducting a wide-ranging and “opportunistic” campaign to expand its political influence in Europe by deploying Internet “trolls and other cyber actors” to challenge pro-Western journalists and spread pro-Kremlin messages in social media forums."

"The use of “information warfare” techniques to pursue political goals has now been incorporated into official Russian military doctrine. The goal is not the annihilation of the country’s enemies, but to “weaken them from within” by “keeping everybody off balance” and “sowing doubt” about their political leaders and institutions." 
"Russia’s use of trolls on social media would appear to fit that pattern. A report in the Guardian last year identified a St. Petersburg office building where “hundreds of paid bloggers work around the clock” to flood Internet sites and Western social media forums with posts praising Russian President Vladimir Putin and denouncing the “depravity and injustice” of the West."
Here, they've got trolls like bpete, who many believe is Bud Peters, Lance Uppercut, Steve Haydon, etc. manning the forums to denounce and make trouble for Oswald defenders/JFK truthers, and they've got the nerve of accusing Putin of doing it? 
I don't know if Putin is doing it or not, but they are definitely doing it. They are working the JFK coverup as hard today as they ever have in the past- and maybe harder.
They have killed over it, and I don't doubt for one second that they could kill again. And they have committed numerous other crimes, including cyber crimes and physical crimes. This is a laughing stock that they would accuse Putin of doing the very thing they are doing. It reminds me of when Allen Dulles gave a speech warming about the Soviet Union's ominous mind control program, at which time the CIA's mind control program, under Dulles, was 10X bigger.  

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