Thursday, September 22, 2016

I am calling for the complete rejection of this image as an authentic image from the JFK assassination, and I'll provide my reasons.

1) It wasn't discovered until 29 years after the JFK assassination, and that, in itself, makes it highly suspicious. Lovelady in the squad room wasn't discovered until 13 years after the assassination, and that I guarantee you is fake.

2) The source of it is Oliver Stone. It is said to be from the Darnell film , but we don't see it in any extant version of the Darnell film. It exists only as a separate clip. Somehow, from somewhere, Oliver Stone came up with it as authentic footage for his movie, but please consider the possibility that he was bamboozled.

3) The "story" of the image does not make sense. This was just seconds after the last shot. Marrion Baker hadn't even reached the steps yet, and he, reportedly, reached the steps 10 seconds after the last shot. So, this was less than 10 seconds after the last shot. Yet, we don't recognize any of these people. They do not correlate to any other image or film. And, it makes no sense for so many people to be filing into the TSBD at that point in time. 

4) There is a tremendous amount of distortion of the figures. The tall slender man in white at the top of the steps is a freak with absolutely impossible posture and anatomy. He looks like a cartoon. With such poor resolution and major distortion, there is no reliable information at all. 

5) Although it's very small above, in the lower left, there is a man in white who is wearing a white cowboy hat. He is looking up way overhead. What could he possibly be looking at? It was just seconds after the shooting. What, is that supposed to be him looking for the shooter on the 6th floor? The fact is: his head is back way too much for that.  His hat is practically on his back. 

6. You know that most of the employees of the TSBD were young people, and I mean 20s. More than a few were in their teens. This is a mob of old people making their way into the building, just seconds after the shooting. What in tarnation for? 

Just reject the whole thing. Treat it as noise, as garbage. That's what I do, and I am asking you to do the same. 

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