Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Oswald shooting entailed a series of wild and inexplicable happenings that are not true to real life. Here's a list:

1) Dallas Police announced ahead of time that numerous calls were coming in from people threatening to kill Oswald. Do you believe that? If you were bent on hurting or killing somebody, would you call police to warn them? What advantage would that give you? None. It would only make it harder. You'd have nothing to gain by warning police. And we heard no such thing in connection with Sirhan Sirhan,  James Earl Ray, or Mark David Chapman. So, do you believe that there were numerous calls from potential Oswald attackers? Or do you agree with me that it's probably a big fat lie?

2) But, presumably, Dallas Police were on high alert for an attack. That's why they got the armored Brinks truck to use. Right? So, when Oswald was brought out, he had a detective on each side of him, who were there to escort him and, presumably, to protect him. Right? So, why didn't they look around? Why didn't they turn their heads? Why did they just gaze straight ahead like a cigar store Indian? What good was that? Didn't they teach them at the police academy that when you expect an attack, that you scan the whole field from which an attack could come? Why were they content to look straight ahead when an attack could come and did come from the side?

3) Leavelle claimed to have his hand in Oswald's pants, but I don't believe it. I think this is an altered image. I think they made it up afterwards, and they got the script change to Leavelle in time.

That is from the film. That's how it looked. 

4) Oswald was shot from the side by "Ruby". 

But, right after shooting him, "Ruby" scooted in front of him, repositioning himself about 90 degrees. 

You would never know from the Jackson photo that "Ruby" shot Oswald from the side. But, why did he jump in front of him like that? It's because he wanted to make sure he got his back to the camera so that his face wouldn't be seen.

5) Afterwards, Detective Graves finally went into action, grabbing "Ruby's" arm with the gun and taking it away from him. Then, "Ruby" who did not show any continued hostility or propensity to further violence, dove towards the police.

So, there is "Ruby" being grabbed by a big cop and also by Graves, and he responds by diving towards them. Yes, that is what he did. He dove towards them. 

Now, why would he do that? Again: to take cover; to hide; to make sure his face wasn't seen. 

6) Next there was the bizarre mob-like herding of "Ruby" into the building. Not stopping to cuff him, as police would normally do in that situation with a belligerent subject, they instead piled on top of him and then wrestled him into the building, moving along like a tsunami.  

Minutes later, we see the real Jack Ruby, who is completely docile, being led around in handcuffs. 

I guess they worked all the fight out of him, eh? Who believes this shit? Who believes that they fabricated Oswald's bus and cab rides, but that this shit is real? The Backesonian idiots of this world do, that's who. I say it is 100% non-credible. 

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