Saturday, September 17, 2016

If you believed that the Dallas Police concocted a story about Oswald's transportation, assigning to him a phony bus and cab ride, replete with a phony bus transfer ticket and a phony witness conjured out of thin air, Mary Bledsoe, why would you believe what they said about Oswald's shooting?

If the Dallas Police had already taken the risk of framing Oswald for a bus and cab ride that he didn't take, and forcing a bus driver and a cab driver to say that they took him, all of which was absolutely certain to fall apart in court if Oswald had lived, because obviously he would have told his lawyer what he did, and his lawyer knowing that the police had concocted this other story would have taken them to the cleaners on it, which, by itself, would have established reasonable doubt for Oswald, why would you believe a word that came out of their mouths about Oswald's execution? Once the Dallas police concocted that story, assuming that they did, they needed Oswald dead, or otherwise, they were going to be as good as dead, themselves. So, how could you possibly trust anything they said about Oswald's murder when, more than anyone else, they needed him dead for what they had done? 

And yet, we are supposed to believe Leavelle and Graves?

If you believe that the Dallas PD concocted a bus and cab ride for Oswald replete with phony evidence and phony witnesses, then why would you believe them and trust them about anything?

Joseph Backes is an idiot. 


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