Wednesday, September 28, 2016

You only have to look at this image to see that it is not a photographic rendering- of anybody.

Nobody looks like that. Nobody is built like that. They think he's Frazier?

That's ridiculous. He's nobody. He's a freak. They are all freaks in the Prayer Man doorway.

How could the doorway have been that crowded with all those strange people just seconds after the shooting? That was before Baker even reached the steps, so it's just single digit seconds after the last shot. So, who are all those people, and what happened to the people who were there before? Notice that the person in front of "Frazier" has no head. That's right: a headless person. The woman next to him has got the widest shoulders I have ever seen on anybody, male or female. It is a freak show. It's like a bad cartoon. I don't know who made this, but it isn't real. The whole Prayer Man clip needs to be rejected; thrown away; as the crap that it is. The Prayermanites need to find a new religion. They are worshiping a false God.  

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