Sunday, September 25, 2016

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My review is on the comments made specifically from David R Von Pein. Number one JFK was late & 10 min
before the motorcade arrived, Lee Harvey Oswald was seen eating in the lunch room on the 2nd floor. 90 seconds
after the last shot Officer Marion Baker spotted Oswald in the same room drinking a coke, calm & not agitated.

Can you see now why they had Carolyn Arnold say what she 
did in 1978? This commenter very succinctly made the case
that Oswald spent the time of the assassination in the 2nd 
floor lunch room. He was there 10 minutes before (really just 
5 minutes before) as claimed by Carolyn Arnold in 1978, and 
then he was there 90 seconds afterwards as seen by Marrion 

So, he laid out the whole thing and never once said the word
doorway, doorway, doorway. The purpose of Carolyn Arnold's
1978 revision was to distract from Oswald in the doorway. The
doorway, the doorway, the doorway, the fucking doorway. It's
where Oswald was at 12:30.

There is no evidence that he was in the 2nd floor lunch room
at all until Marrion Baker saw him there 90 seconds afterwards.
Oswald was just getting there; just going into the lunch room 
when Baker saw him. And, Oswald was most certainly NOT 
drinking a Coke. 

Carolyn Arnold's first accounting is the only one that is true:
She saw Oswald at the doorway, right behind the glass, shortly 
before the shooting. That is real. That is bankable. That you 
can bet the farm on. 

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