Thursday, September 15, 2016

I have a question concerning the narrative of the Beers/Jackson photos: 

Beers, on the left, was, reportedly, taken .3 second before the blast. Jackson, on the right, was, reportedly, taken .3 second after the blast, leaving a .6 second gap of time between the two famous photos. That's what the experts tell us. 

But, looking at Beers, .3 second isn't very long, and I don't think we have the right to assume that Oswald changed what he was doing before the blast. Why would he? He wasn't even looking at Ruby. So, we assume then, do we not, that this was Oswald's arrangement at the instant he was shot. How much could it change in .3 second? 

Oswald was shot at the costochondral junction of his left seventh rib. 

So, the spot at which he was hit was underneath his arm as it appears in the Beers photo. It was being covered by his arm.

Can you, or can you not, see that the site of the entrance wound had to be underneath Oswald's left arm? It wasn't above it, and it wasn't below it. It was underneath it. And it does look like the gun is aimed at his arm, to where the bullet should have gone through his arm. But, in order to accept the official story, we have to believe that in the .6 seconds between Beers and Jackson, Oswald got his arm out of the way; then he was shot by Ruby; and then he overlaid his arm over the area of trauma, such that we don't see the slightest disturbance or disruption of himself or his clothing.

So, my question is: How could that possibly have happened? Number One: Oswald couldn't move that fast. even if he wasn't tethered to two men on each side, but he was tethered to two men on each side. Number Two: There is no reason to assume that Oswald reacted at all, and changed anything, until he was shot. He wasn't even looking at Ruby. So, why would he have lifted his forearm out of the way ahead of the bullet, giving the bullet direct access to his rib cage without having to go through his arm? Look at Beers again. That was the arrangement of the men just .3 second before the shot went off. So, how did the bullet avoid going through Oswald's arm?

How come Oswald had absolutely no visible trauma- to himself or his clothing- in the Jackson photo which came just .3 second after the shot went off? He should have a hole in his arm. 

Plus, we know for a fact that there was no damage to Oswald's arm or the sleeve of his sweater. And how could he possibly have repositioned himself to that extent in just .3 second? He got his arm way up there where it is in just .3 second when his arm is being restrained on that side by Detective Graves? And again: How did that bullet avoid going through Oswald's arm? It should have gone through his arm.

The bottom line is that the "story" of the Beers-Jackson photographic saga doesn't add up. You can't get from A to B. You can't get from Beers to Jackson. You can't do it in .6 second, and you can't do it in any amount of time.

That bullet should have gone through Oswald's arm. It really should have. 

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