Saturday, September 24, 2016

Oswald was bashed in BOTH eyes. Not just one; both. That is what the Dallas Police did to him.

What, did someone take the butt of their rifle and bash him in the forehead? How hard was it to subdue a skinny, 131 pound guy who was surrounded by police? Was that really necessary, or did they do that because of what they thought he did? 

This was Police Brutality, plain as day. And it changes everything. 

Do you recall how Jim Leavelle spoke about Oswald in a oddly folksy way? He was on a first name basis with him. He joked with him. "If anyone tries to shoot you, Lee, I hope he's as good a shot as you are." Haw, haw, haw, chuckle chuckle. Name me one other time in the history of police work that a policeman joked with a double-murderer and called him by his first name.

But, was this covering up a deeper, darker reality in which the Dallas Police were abusing him? Was it covering up a deeper, darker reality in which the Dallas Police conspired to kill him?

I have made the case, amply, that the real Jack Ruby didn't shoot Oswald. There are NO images of Jack Ruby doing it. THERE ARE IMAGES OF A SHORT MAN IN A FEDORA HAT DOING IT, BUT YOU CAN'T TELL FROM LOOKING AT HIM, THAT HE IS JACK RUBY. Despite many images of him being taken from different angles by different photographers, his face was never captured. There has to be a reason for that beyond chance. It must be that they did not want us to see his face. And, the reason they did not want us to see his face was because he was not Jack Ruby. 

But, Jim Leavelle stated that he saw the man; he saw the gun; that he recognized him as Jack Ruby; and all before the shot was fired. LIES! Leavelle was deliberately looking the other way and did not react in any way to the shooting of Oswald until after it happened. 

So, did Leavelle conspire with the man who was pretending to be Ruby? And if Leavelle was conspiring with him, were Graves and the others also conspiring with him? Was the shooting of Oswald a plot of the Dallas Police Department, the same PD that bashed both of Oswald's eyes?

They bashed both of Oswald's eyes. It was an atrocity.  

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