Thursday, September 29, 2016

This is classic. OIC Chairman Larry Rivera has made another gif, and this time, he has depicted Lovelady as accurately and authentically as possible. This is how he was dressed on 11/22/63, and this is where he was located during the shooting.

And here it is as a still:

That is it. That is how it was. And Lovelady certainly knew that it is how it was. It finally dawned on him that they weren't kidding; that they wanted him to assume the mantle of Doorway Man, whether he liked it or not, and he had better do it. 

Notice that Larry also installed Buell Frazier into the photo where he believes he was. In order to explain why he wasn't seen in the Altgens doorway, Frazier lied and said that he was standing way back in the shadows. He was not. He was down on the steps, which complies with his first telling, that he was one step down from the top landing, just east of the median handrail.

Lovelady really did wear the short-sleeved. vertically-striped shirt that he posed in for the FBI. At some point, they must have told him to wear the clothes he had worn that day. And it makes sense that they would because they were, supposedly, recreating his look as Doorway Man. Of course, he was not Doorway Man; Oswald was Doorway Man.

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