Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Here, I have the shoulders marked: the shoulders as they are in the image, and the shoulders where they would be if he were facing the street. 

So, we see the point of his right shoulder, which I have marked with a red R, and we don't see the point of his left shoulder but we get close to it, which I have marked with an L. But, if he were facing the same direction as the woman, his right shoulder would be about where I have the pink R, and his left shoulder would be completely out of sight because the woman's head would be in the way. 

Try it yourself. Stand facing what would be the street. Then turn around, and not all the way around. I don't mean doing a 180. It was probably more like a 120. But, your shoulders rotate with you, and they wind up in different places than when you were facing the other way. That really does look like his back that we're seeing. And it explains why they had to put the Woman and Boy in there. Look at her. She is NOT holding up that boy.  She obviously can't have both arms around him because she'd have to be turned towards him to do that. In other words, her left arm is nowhere near him. So how could it be going around him? And the fact is that we don't see her right arm going around him either. Look at his back. Do you see any arm going around it? And if you were going to assume that she had her right arm going around him low, and we just can't see it, we would see him leaning into her. His back wouldn't be so straight and vertical as it is. Posturally-speaking, he looks like he is standing, not being carried. And then the other insurmountable problem is that there is no way that she could have been strong enough to stand there and hold him with one arm. It's not a question of whether she was strong enough to lift him- which she would have done with two arms, not one. But, holding is infinitely harder because as the seconds pass, the kid gets heavier and heavier. Not really of course, but it seems that way because of muscle fatigue. She simply can't be holding him- not unless she is Superwoman. The images of the Woman and Boy in the Altgens photo are fake. 

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