Monday, September 12, 2016

That is not a human hand. There is no way it could be configured like that, in that shape. Look at that crescent on the right side and the sharp edge of the thumb. A thumb can't be formed like that. And, it's not Oswald's thumb anyway. He didn't have such a big massive thumb.

So, that's one thing, but there are plenty more anomalies with this monstrosity of a photo. 

There's the hand in the pants. It never happened. They faked it in the films, and they faked it here.

Leavelle's arm would have to be dislocated to do what it appears to be doing. Remember, there is only one joint: the elbow. I'll put an e for elbow where it is.

So, there is "e" for where the elbow is. So, what is causing the change in direction at the question mark? There is a deviation there, where it changes direction. And don't tell me that's the elbow. It's just more fakery. More bull shit from the JFK assassination fakery mill. 

Then, there's the weird handcuff on Oswald's right wrist. It was just a standard metal handcuff that he was wearing. 

So, there are three arms there on Oswald: two above and one below. And look at that massive handcuff on him. Handcuffs are matching, are the not. So, if his was that big, then Leavelle's was that big as well, right? Does it look like Leavelle had that massive thing beneath his sleeve?

Oswald was shot in the side. In the side, in the side, in the side. So, why would he react to being shot in the side by slapping his forearm against his chest. That was supposed to be .3 second after the shot was fired. But, the entrance wound was at the costochondral junction of his 7th rib. So, how could Oswald get the whole area covered so fast? How could he react so fast with his arm, especially when his arm was being restrained by Graves? What we're seeing above is Oswald very thoroughly covering up the area in which he was shot so that we can't see it. But, was he really shot? Doubtful. Very doubtful.  

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