Friday, September 23, 2016

OIC Chairman Larry Rivera sent me the transcript of Billy Lovelady's informal deposition by Attorney Ken Brooten in 1976, and these are my observations about it.

Lovelady said that they were covering the 6th floor with plywood because it had nicks in it. That's not what I read elsewhere. I was told that it was because the previous tenant was a meat packer, and the wet boxes of meat got the floor wet, and it was still wet. So, they had to cover it or else contaminate the books with meat juice. 

Of course, that never made sense because how long would it take the liquid to permeate the plywood? Plywood is famous for being porous. Plus, it warps very easily, especially when it gets wet. So, how long was that fix going to last? So, that didn't make sense, but this makes even less sense, that you would cover a warehouse floor because of a few nicks. Did I mention that it was a warehouse? 

So, the whole floor-laying thing was just a ruse, and the pictures of it are just Benjamin Braddock type shit: "See Elaine. See her drinking a glass of water." Likewise: "See the scraps. See the sawdust. Real floor-laying was going on."

Then, Lovelady was asked if Oswald was wearing the same shirt at work that he was later seen in at the PD, and Lovelady said yes. That's to those who mistakenly try to claim that Oswald changed his shirt. He did NOT change his shirt.

Lovelady gave his height a the time as 5' 8 1/2". The FBI said he was 5'8". He said his weight at the time was 163 to 165, but the FBI weighed him on February 29, and he was 170. And I certainly don't think he gained weight between November and February- not with all the stress of having to assume the role of Doorway Man, which of course was going to change his life forever. I say that, if anything, he was heavier than 170 in November. So, why did he cite a lower figure? Because he knew he was the guy who was supposed to look like Oswald, and Oswald was slender. Doorman too looks slender.

Lovelady said that his hair at the time was cut in a crew-cut, but I don't believe it for a second. His wife even laughed when he said it, knowing that he was mostly bald at the time.  I think he said that just because he saw the FBI photo of himself. But look at this photo that Mark Lane took. Does this look like a crew-cut to you?

Like Marina Oswald, Billy Lovelady tried awfully hard to give his questioner the answers that he wanted.

Then, Brooten asked him repeatedly about whether he had a beard or was growing a beard at the time, and Lovelady said no. He said he shaved before bed the night before. So why did Brooten do that? It's because of this image, which I call Psychedelic Lovelady.

Doesn't that look like he has a beard? Brooten must have thought so too. Of course, it's a totally bogus image. 

Then Lovelady admitted sitting down to eat his lunch "on the first step". But, first from the top or first from the bottom? I presume he meant first from the top. He said he had a sandwich and a Coke. He did not say he was sitting when the motorcade passed. He named some of the people who were around him: Bill Shelley, Sarah Stanton, and Wesley Frazier. Surprisingly, he mentioned Harold Norman. But, I don't know that Harold was ever planted on the steps. He and James Jarman were out front for a while and probably close to the steps before they decided to go up to the 5th floor. Still, I am a little surprised that he mentioned Harold Norman since Harold definitely was not part of that group that Lovelady was in. 

Then, Brooten asked Lovelady if Oswald was there at the doorway, and Lovelady said no. Then, Brooten asked him if Oswald could have been there but just not seen by him, and Lovelady said, "Could have been." I'm sure that is not the answer that Brooten wanted. 

After that, they talked about the shots, and Lovelady's "trek to the tracks" with Shelley, etc. There was nothing else said about Oswald or the doorway. 

Lovelady seemed nervous and uncomfortable throughout, and repeatedly, his chatty wife Patricia would butt-in with some laughter, and I think she was trying to get him to relax. I can understand why Brooten never really did anything with this tape. I don't think it was particularly good for his cause, and Brooten knew it. 

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