Thursday, December 3, 2015

Weak minds. That's all I'm finding over there on JFK Assassination Forum. There's no point in posting what they're saying because they're not saying anything. Here's my latest post:

No, that is ridiculous, Mr. Storing. I find both at fault.

I find the Dallas Police and FBI at fault because they interrogated Oswald. Getting his alibi for the Tippit murder was axiomatic. There is simply no excuse for not reporting it.

And the WC and HSCA are equally at fault because they were conducting their own investigations, and they should have wanted to know what Oswald said about it. But, they weren't interested. None of them were.

And to make matters worse, there was very little interest in his alibi for Kennedy's murder. Fritz was asked about it by Ball, and it was strange. It was murky. Fritz said that when "this" happened Oswald said he was eating lunch with other employees. He did not state where Oswald claimed to be eating lunch, and he did not state who the other employees were. And to make it even worse, Ball didn't ask. He showed no interest. You'd think he would have said: "Where did he say he was when he was eating lunch with other employees? And what are the names of those employees? We need to speak to them."

Those "other employees" were James Jarman and Harold Norman, but Oswald never said he ate with them. He never said they were all breaking bread together. He said that they were around- in eyeshot- when he was eating. It was in the first floor lunch room, and it was well before the assassination. By the time of the shooting, Jarman and Norman were perched at the 5th floor window, right below the Sniper's Nest, and there are two photographs of them.

So, in regard to Oswald's JFK alibi, Fritz lied. He couldn't tell the truth. That's because Oswald's actual alibi for the Kennedy murder was that he was "out with Bill Shelley in front." Apparently, his Tippit alibi was just as devastating.  

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