Thursday, February 4, 2016

I received this interesting note from our newest senior member, Mees Baaijen.  

A very interesting researcher is Ole Dammegard, with over 30 years of investigational experience, from Olof Palme to John Lennon and Charlie Hebdo. Like Jim and me, he is also convinced that behind most false flags and political murders is the same cabal of banksters, although his research is more on operational level, especially with Operation 40. He is able to compare these events and see patterns. Have you looked into his research? E.g.

I listened to the above video, and it is indeed interesting. I am very impressed with Ole Dammegard. Much of it deals with the murder of John Lennon, and I have held for a long time that Lennon was another victim of the Deep State or Shadow Government and that Mark David Chapman no more killed him than Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy. 

Then, Mees wrote this: 

John Kennedy, as I understand it, became president because, like all presidents before him since Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt, he had sold his soul to the devil (or maybe old Joe did it for him): he accepted the conditions of the bankers, which is the only way to get to the Presidency. However, once he was in charge, he changed his mind, and probably decided “he didn´t want to be dead before he died”. He certainly must have known the almost absolute power of these people. The same things happen in other areas, like the music industry where people are suddenly lifted into very high places where they are able to influence millions of people (such as John Lennon, many others).

As I said, interesting stuff. What I have always wondered about Lennon is this: Why kill John Lennon in 1980? He was a major opponent of the Vietnam War, but that was long over by 1980. He died on December 8, 1980, so it was practically 1981. Jimmy Carter was still President, but Ronald Reagan had just won the election two weeks before and would take over the following month. I'm thinking that they wanted Lennon dead because they had plans for military expansion and military strikes under Reagan, and they didn't want trouble from John Lennon about it. 
Fox News lists these as the major military operations under Reagan: 

— Beirut (1982-83): U.S. troops deployed to Lebanon as part of a three-nation peacekeeping force. Reagan ordered limited airstrikes, with France, to retaliate for 1983 bombing on military barracks that killed 299 U.S. and French troops.
— Grenada (1983): Invasion by an estimated 7,000 U.S. troops and 300 Organization of American States troops after a government coup; was condemned by Britain and the U.N. but supported by six Caribbean island nations that said it was justified under the OAS charter.
— Libya (1986): Airstrikes to punish leader Moammar Gadhafi's regime for a Berlin disco explosion that wounded U.S. 79 Americans and killed two. The U.K. supported the strikes but the U.N. General Assembly condemned them.

However, that doesn't include the covert stuff under Reagan, and there was a lot: Nicaragua, Hondurus, other stuff in South America, and the Iranian Guns for Hostages, which led to the messy Iran Contra scandal. 

Now, back to Mees:  

As said, more on my view of the world can be found in the writings of Richard K. Moore, who is the most enlightened person in this matter I know. He goes further than an analysis of history, and has very interesting thoughts on the future as well see for example Escaping the Matrix. However, he does not go in any detail on the money system, which is a vital part in the banksters' rule. Alternative systems are coming ip in many places, and more and more people are getting aware of it, here is a reference article:

And here is a link to Richard Moore's very thought-provoking and visionary work, Escaping the Matrix

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