Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jim DiEugenio was wearing a v-neck t-shirt, and he had a chin shadow. Let's see where it went. 

You notice the similarity in the t-shirt margins. And remember, we're not saying Oswald's vee was manufactured like DiEu's. We're saying that it's known that he had the habit of tugging on his t-shirt which stretched it and deformed it into a vee. This is from his Marine buddy, Anthony Botelho.

But now, notice that you can see the shadow from DiEu's chin, and it's going off to the side. I added the white line to point to it.

So, there's where DiEu's shadow went. It didn't get laid right down the center. But, he and others help themselves to the conclusion that that's what happened on Doorman. They assume that underneath that inky blackness, there was white t-shirt.

That's a mighty big assumption, don't you think? And an assumption that big requires mighty big proof, such as someone taking out a camera and proving that it's possible experimentally, and then finding spontaneous examples of it, and not just ballpark close either; I mean exactly perfect like that is. 

But, how ironic that Jim DiEugenio's only photo contribution to JFK research is one of himself, and it shows that the whole claim of a chin shadow on Doorman causing his t-shirt to look vee is bunk. Doorman's t-shirt looks vee because it was vee; just like DiEu's. 

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