Saturday, February 6, 2016

What would have happened if Robert Kennedy had stood up to the cabal, denounced the official story, and also denounced the new government as illegitimate?

Obviously, nobody knows, but I would like to speculate about it. 

Would it have resulted in street riots and martial law? 

I don't think so; at least, not right away. Maybe eventually, but not right away. 

So, let's say, for the sake argument, that Robert Kennedy reacted as Vincent Salandria did. Vince smelled a rat from the beginning, but what he told his friends was: "If something happens to Oswald, then I'll know for sure." And of course, something did happen to Oswald; he was fatally shot by Jack Ruby in the late morning on November 24.

So, from that moment on, Vincent Salandria knew, in his heart of hearts, that it was a coup d'etat, that Kennedy's killing was an operation of the "national security state." 

So, let's assume that RFK's mind worked the same way that Vince Salandria's did.  So, what does Bobby do? First, he consults with his family, his friends, and his closest advisers. He gets them on-board. Then, some days later, he calls a press conference.

And, at the press conference, he speaks his mind. He announces that he does not believe the official story. He says that it was a coup d'etat against his brother. He says that he believes that individuals at the highest level of government were involved, including the new President, Lyndon Johnson. He says that he, therefore, considers the new administration to be criminal and illegitimate. And he says that as Attorney General, he is going to conduct his own investigation, through the Justice Department, and, it shall be independent of the White House and all other departments and agencies of government.

So, what does the Empire do in response to that?

First, I don't know that they would have allowed him to get it all out. If it was being broadcast live, I think they would have cut him off before he could say everything. In fact, for him to call a press conference would have triggered suspicions, such that they may have added a very long time delay so that they could cut him off before he said anything hostile to Officialdom.  

Then, he would have been contacted by very powerful people, including Lyndon Johnson himself. And Johnson would have told him that he's got it all wrong, that he's suffering, he's hurting, and he's reacting rashly; that no, he didn't kill his brother. And remember that Johnson was a consummate liar. It's why they called him "Lyin' Lyndon." But, even Johnson was not as good a liar as Allen Dulles. Dulles could probably have passed a polygraph test while  bold-faced lying better than anybody who ever lived.  So, I think Dulles would have gone to see Bobby too to try to talk him out of it. 

They would have started by waving a carrot and being nice. But, when RFK revealed that he was implacable, that he was going forward with his plan, then they would have waved the stick. And the stick would have been that he was fired as Attorney General, as of immediately, which LBJ could certainly do. But, I'll assume that RFK anticipated that, that he knew all along that he would have to conduct his investigation privately, with his own money. But hey, he was a Kennedy, and the Kennedys had plenty of money. 

But, the Empire had more sticks than that. I think they would have threatened him with criminal prosecution. If you recall, JFK had engaged in secret, off-the-record negotiations with the Soviets about disarmament, and RFK was involved in those negotiations. Some have said that it wasn't, strictly-speaking, legal. So, I think they would have threatened to prosecute Robert Kennedy for treason, for being a Soviet agent, betraying secrets of the United States, collaborating with the enemy, etc.     

And I don't think for one second that it would have been a hoax. I think they really would have done it. Johnson would have immediately fired Kennedy and then ordered his new Attorney General, Nicholas Katzenbach, to start going after him- with extreme prejudice.  

As far as the media goes, I think they would have launched an immediate campaign to smear RFK. First, they would have said that he was out of his mind, that he was delirious from the psychic trauma of what happened. And they would have probably brought out psychiatrists to back it up. Then, they would have alienated him as much as possible: covering him in a negative way but not actually letting him speak on the air, except for excerpts that they could spin as subversive and traitorous. 

What would Robert Kennedy have done next? I presume that after rallying his family (including his spineless weasel brother Ted) that he would have sought to rally and organize his brother's supporters within Camelot, including the so-called Irish Mafia. Again: in real life, they went along with the official story, but they were following RFK's lead. If he hadn't, they wouldn't have.

Then, I think he would have joined forces with others fighting the official story, including Vince Salandria, Mark Lane, Mort Sahl, Penn Jones, and ultimately Jim Garrison. 

The media would have covered it but just minimally. Mostly, they would have marginalized it. How much does the media cover the 9/11 truth movement? Same thing. 

And realize that it would have been easier for them to marginalize it back then than it is today, and that's because there was no Internet back then. The Internet has changed everything.

Would Johnson have proceeded with the Warren Commission anyway even if Robert Kennedy was on the warpath? Maybe not. It might have been pointless if he knew in advance that Robert Kennedy was going to trash it. He may have settled for something much smaller. He may have settled for the FBI report. 

Would RFK have ran for the Senate from New York anyway? I presume he would have, but if he did, he would have run on a platform of JFK truth.  

So far, in getting to this point, I see a lot of division within the country, but no breakdown of law and order and commerce. 

But, I presume Robert Kennedy really would have had to fight criminal charges. It would have been similar to what they did to Abraham Bolden- and you know what happened to him and where he wound up. But, could they have gotten Kennedy convicted of something? It would have been difficult, but I think they would have tried, if only to preoccupy him. Another guy they went after that way was Jim Garrison, and he beat them. Kennedy would probably have beaten them too, but still, they would have burdened him and troubled him.  

Would he have won the election in New York? I don't know, but whether he did or didn't, I still think he would have run for President in 1968, and he have done it also on a platform of JFK truth and justice. He would have talked about other issues as well but always bringing it back to what they did to his brother. 

Would the authorities still have killed him? It would have been harder because it would have looked much worse under the circumstances, and they'd have known it. And perhaps they would have gone about it in a different way. It's a tough call, but I say they still would have gone for it. 

However, I would like to think that in this alternate universe that RFK would have taken much better precautions about his safety and security. Forget the ex-football players. Just because they were out to kill him doesn't mean they necessarily would have succeeded. 

Would he have won the nomination and won the election on a JFK truth platform? That is a really tough call because the media would have been all over him, trying to destroy him. There's no telling what they would have resorted to. They might have reopened the Marilyn Monroe case and started questioning his story about that. And frankly, he lied about it. He was there that afternoon and evening- in her house in Santa Monica. The evidence for that is compelling. And RFK did admit being close enough to get there, supposedly vacationing with his family in San Jose. That's a whole other story, but yes, he was involved. I don't say that he killed her, but he was involved with her that day, and he lied about it. Facts are facts. 

There is NOTHING that they wouldn't have done to stop him from becoming President. They would have hauled JFK out and trashed him up and down, exposing his many affairs and how he lied about his health. The gloves would have come off. Would he have won despite it all? I just don't know. I'll say 50/50.

But wait. There is more they would have done to stop him. If necessary, they would have started another war. Maybe they would have invaded Cuba after all. Maybe they would have started a war somewhere else. Maybe they would have provoked a military confrontation with the Soviet Union. Anything to get Robert Kennedy off the front pages.

But, through all this, I don't see law and order breaking down in the country. There was a lot of consternation during the Watergate crisis, but there was never any breakdown of law and order or anything close to it. Daily life went on normally everywhere.  

But, if RFK actually won the election in 1968, that's when they may have declared martial law and simply not let him take office. That's when serious, major resistance, including riots in the streets, may have ensued. 

But, the big question is: Should Robert Kennedy have done it if that's what lay in store? I can only answer for myself, and my answer is: Yes. He should have done. How I wish he had done it.

If you need to have a tooth pulled, there is no point in putting it off. There is no point in letting it suppurate in your mouth and spread bacteria all over your body. You take care of it; you get rid of it; and the sooner the better. And, it's the same way with this.

Would it have led to a collapse here like the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989?  Maybe. But, so what?  The Russians survived. So would have we. 


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