Friday, May 6, 2016

After a short break, the Idiot Backes is plumbing new depths of stupidity. 

Not only do I think Oswald was completely innocent, I don't think he knew anything about the assassination plot. That's not anything as in nothing at all.  

So, I'm not saying Cruz was involved with Oswald in the assassination plot. I'm saying he was involved with him in the Hands Off Cuba stunt, which was a CIA stunt, the purpose of which was to depict Oswald as a Castro supporter. So, Cruz was involved in FRAMING Oswald. 

Even John Newman says that the leafletting stunt was a CIA operation, and everything about it was planned, including the scuffle with the anti-Castro activists. 

Oswald was not involved with Cruz in any way that involved consciousness of the assassination plot. Therefore, it doesn't incriminate Oswald in any way. Not at all. In fact, it's just the opposite: By showing that Oswald was set up in New Orleans by the CIA, who recruited Cruz among others to do it, it reflects back to Dallas that he was also set up there. Oswald was already being targeted and victimized and used and abused in New Orleans. So, how could he possibly be guilty of what happened in Dallas? If he was a patsy in New Orleans (and he was) then of course he was a patsy in Dallas as well.

Backes, you are just plain stupid. You were born stupid; you've lived every day of your life stupid, and what you just posted proves that today is no exception. 

Do yourself a favor, Backes, and just retire. You don't have the aptitude- not for research and not for battle. And if you do retire, it will be the smartest thing you've ever done. 

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