Friday, May 6, 2016

I think the Rafael Cruz story is the biggest evidence discovery in the JFK assassination of the 21st century. I also think it's the biggest evidence discovery since the release of the Fritz Notes in 1996. So, it's the biggest discovery in 20 years.

And, I think it has the potential to bring down the entire official story of the JFK assassination. And that, of course, is what they are really worried about. It may be why they ordered Ted Cruz to get out of the race. Now that he has, I doubt Donald Trump is going to say anything further about his father. But, if he stayed in, then hey- it was like a cut over his eye, and Trump would have kept hitting it. 

But, others are going to keep hitting it anyway. And, it's not because Rafael Cruz is important; it's because the JFK assassination is important. It challenges the ENTIRE official story of the JFK assassination.

The official story has it that Oswald didn't even conceive of killing Kennedy until two days before the motorcade when he saw the motorcade route published in the newspaper. So, there he was, working at the Depository, doing his "order-filling" and thinking about his new baby girl, and thinking about getting a place in Dallas where they all could live together, his family reunited, which is what he wanted.  But then suddenly, he glanced at the newspaper and saw the motorcade route, and a thunderbolt went off in his head to kill Kennedy. It would have been the most insane phenomenon to ever happen, that he should experience a pendulum-swing of that magnitude all of a sudden; to go from the one state of mind to the other. 

Yet, that is what they claim, that Oswald was that insane. But, if Rafael Cruz was somehow involved in setting Oswald up in New Orleans, and then had advance knowledge that something was going to happen in Dallas which brought him there to watch the motorcade, then obviously, the official story can't be true and must be false. And that's what makes it important. It threatens the entire official story of the JFK assassination. 

And, it has the potential to sink the whole thing. And keep in mind: the official story of the JFK assassination is definitely going down. It is terminal. It is hopeless. It is never going to survive. The only question is what will make it front page news, and it may be this. 

I think it's fair to say that the growth of the Rafael Cruz story has already exceeded anyone's wildest expectations. It has certainly exceeded mine. And I am sure that there are some powerful people who are trying very hard to do all they can to stifle this story; to keep it from growing further; to make it go away.  I'm sure they are treating it as an emergency. And who knows what they are considering doing about it. I dread to imagine. "Even as we speak, orders are being shouted into phones, and men with guns...."

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