Monday, May 9, 2016

Here is Wayne Madsen talking to Alex Jones about the Rafael Cruz story, which is a story that he (Wayne) broke and caused to go viral.

And, Wayne makes a very good point, that regardless of what your opinion is about that photo, that there is good reason to suspect Cruz' involvement because he was definitely in New Orleans at the time; he was definitely involved as a Cuban activist there; and he definitely had CIA connections. Ditto for Lee Harvey Oswald. Plus, Cruz was in the employ of a CIA-connected company, and then he fled to Canada. He needs to be interrogated about this regardless of that picture. 

And Wayne adds that it's no coincidence that Ted Cruz dropped out after having said he wouldn't regardless of the outcome in Indiana. So, why did he change his mind? And did anyone force him to change his mind? 

Obviously,  it is a story that the CIA very much wanted to extinguish, and Cruz dropping out served that purpose, although it remains to be seen to what extent. 

I am impressed with Wayne Madsen. He makes more sense than his critics.

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