Saturday, May 7, 2016

Now, this is interesting. It's from one of our newest senior members, Julie Macgregor. 

The Jane Stanford murder case has caught fire with Julie. She is really getting into it. And the culprit in that case, according to everyone who gets into it, was Stanford President David Starr Jordan, who was one of the leaders of the Eugenics movement, not only here in the United States, but internationally. 

Having begun research after reading Cutler's book at the turn of the year it has become abundantly clear that Jane Stanford's murder is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Jordan's nefarious activities. He was involved at the highest level both politically and otherwise in the establishment of the Eugenics movement.... If he had been unseated from his position at Stanford in 1905, as Jane Stanford was threatening to do, the consequences would have been disastrous for the Elite. Zoology and agriculture provided a conveniently benign face for racial hygiene research and the roots of a new global project to create a master race. Jordan was crucial to the process, and his credibility needed to remain intact.

As well as being recruited for the post at Stanford by the Skull and Bones 'revolutionary trio' member Andrew White, Jordan was the first chair of the Eugenics branch of the American Breeders Association and was partially responsible for the establishment of the Eugenics Records Office at Cold Springs Harbour. CSH was established in 1902 as a govt research facility using $10m of JP Morgan money via the Carnegie Institute. The plans for sterilization and euthanasia legislation were already underway but with no real scientific evidence to back them, hundreds of millions of dollars would eventually be plowed into creating the necessary evidence base, including Harriman and Rockefeller money. Over 60,000 Americans would be sterilized, sexually segregated or euthanized, with Jordan's home state of Indiana being the first to pass the legislation. California was third. (This proven method would be used again later in the century for the creation of evidence around anthropogenic global warming). In 1912 the first international Eugenics conference was held in London and was timed to coincide with Jordan's visit to London. This is indicative of his status at the time. Darwin's son was appointed president, VPs included Jordan, Charles Davenport (a leading American biologist who supported Eugenics) and Alexander Graham Bell. Churchill represented the King. Invitations were sent by the US Secretary of State.

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