Saturday, May 7, 2016

The National Enquirer's team of photo experts vetted the photos of Rafael Cruz, and, a great many others have endorsed it.  It is not a Ralph Cinque claim, so why do you stupidly portray it as such?  

And, I look at it from a very broad perspective. Rafael Cruz reportedly graduated from UT in 1961. He moved to Dallas in 1962. That's on record. His daughter Roxanne was born there in Dallas in November 1962. Then, right after her birth, he moved his family to New Orleans. Why? We have no idea what he was doing for money at that time. He had a family to support, so what was his source of income? He eventually got a job with GeoCom in New Orleans, but that was not until years later. So, what was he doing for money at that time? How was he living? Why did he move to Dallas? Why did he then move to New Orleans? These are questions he has never answered. 

We know that New Orleans was a center for CIA-sponsored Cuban dissident activity- there was a hive of them there. And we know that Oswald was involved with them. So, putting aside the issue of whether it's Cruz in the photo, as many believe it is, did he cross paths with Oswald in New Orleans? Because: it seems like circumstantially he would have.

And, as compelling as the Trade Mart images are, the image of him in Dallas at the motorcade is even more impressive. 

Are we supposed to believe that there just happened to be another young man, about his age, at the top of Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63, who just happened to look that much like him, even with his trademark thick glasses? That would be an amazing coincidence, and I don't even believe in coincidences. This photo match is much more compelling than the other one, and the other one is good. 

Would Rafael Cruz even deny that this is him? I'm not so sure he would. But, he should be made to address it. 

So, he was in Dallas watching the motorcade and never admitting it. And then he fled to Calgary, Canada? What drew him up there? The weather? We all know how Cubans love cold weather. 

And how did he get a successful business started so fast? He must have received a lot of help, don't you think? So, who was helping him, and why? 

Answers. We need answers. This thing reeks. And it's not just about Rafael Cruz. It's about the official story of the JFK assassination. It reeks too. 

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