Sunday, May 1, 2016

Recently, I was in contact with a reporter from the National Enquirer concerning  my images of Rafael Cruz, which he expressed a keen interest in publishing.  

But first, he said, they had to be submitted to their team of photographic experts because they are the ones who have to vet all photos. He said the team consists of photography experts, forensic experts, and anatomical experts, including a plastic surgeon. And it was only if they approved that the photos would be published. 

Well, they came back not just with approval but with wild, raving enthusiasm. At least, that was the impression I got from listening to this man. It was very heartening to know that their photo experts agreed with me, that that was, most likely, Rafael Cruz at the top of Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.  

However, there are other hurdles besides the photo team. There is also the "legal team" and, at this point, it looks like they are going to nix it. 

But, what really matters to me is that the photographic experts at the National Enquirer agreed with me. They agreed with my interpretation of the photos and my conclusion drawn from it. 

I put a lot of stock in that because the National Enquirer is not your typical tabloid. They don't report on space aliens or ghosts or Elvis lives or any other weird stuff. It was the National Enquirer that found the photos of OJ Simpson wearing the Bruno Magli shoes, which he denied doing. They're also the ones who found the killer of Bill Cosby's son, Ennis. The case got solved because of them. I'll tell you this much: when I'm waiting on line at the supermarket, the only tabloid I pick up to pass the time is the National Enquirer

So, it's disappointing what happened, but it's also reassuring to know that their photo experts- consisting of a diverse group of educated professionals- agreed with me and endorsed my claim. 

But, with that in mind- that their photo experts supported my claim about Cruz being at the Dallas motorcade- I can just imagine how they would respond to the photos of Lee Harvey Oswald in the doorway of the Book Depository during the shooting. I sincerely believe now that, if shown the photos and the claim, they would endorse it: vigorously, wholeheartedly, and enthusiastically.  And, that's because the Oswald photos are 10X more conclusive than the Cruz photos, and they liked those. 

What makes the Oswald photos so much better? It's the fact that with them, you've got two separate and independent criteria with which to compare: the man and the clothing. What an advantage! What a luxury! It's like a gift from God. 

Most of the time, you don't have that. You don't have it with the Cruz photos. But, with the Oswald photos, you can first check the man and see if he matches, and then, if he does, you can move on to the clothes and see if they match as well. And if they do, Eureka! You've reached a level of certainty that is ironclad, air-tight, and on ice. That's because the world of clothing, even men's clothing, is vast, and it's highly unlikely that two men are going to be wearing matching outfits on the same day.

Look at it mathematically. The odds of picking one lottery number right are 1 in 45. But, to get two numbers right, the odds jump to 1 in 1980. That's because you don't add the odds together; you multiply them. It's 45 x 44 = 1980. You reduce the second number by one because the first number was excluded from the second pick.  So, if, say, you picked "10" for the first number, 10 would be out of the running to be the second number. 

Well, it works the same way here. Matching the man and matching the clothing are two separate and independent processes, and the latter serves as a confirmation of the former. The clothing isn't part of the man. It's just on him. And, unless they were all in uniform, it could be anything. It's a random thing. It is extremely unlikely that two men are going to be wearing the same get-up on the same day.  

So, look at these photos and notice that not only does the man match, but the clothes match too: a long-sleeved shirt that is unbuttoned and gaped open exposing a white t-shirt with a ruffled, vee-like opening: 

I have been excluding the tops of the heads because of my conviction that the plotters altered the image, replacing the top of Oswald's head with Lovelady's, using an image of him from the 1950s. Lovelady's hair didn't even look like that any more.  

Below you can see the effect it had on Doorman, changing the shape of his head. 

But, when you exclude it, there is a perfect duplication of features. 

And note it doesn't matter that I crop out the tops because it's not as though Oswald and Lovelady were identical twins from the eyes down. It's not as though if they each were wearing a low-riding hat that they would look identical.

That is the same clothes; the exact same outfit. Lovelady didn't even have his shirt unbuttoned.

Lovelady, on the right, was wearing a plaid shirt with bold horizontal and vertical lines which crossed forming boxes. Doorman's shirt looks mottled, but that's just due to light reflection, plus some distortion from the enlargement of the image.  It isn't plaid.  Lovelady had a harder face, a different build, and vastly different facial features. It is plain as day that Doorway Man has Oswald's features and is wearing Oswald's clothes. That makes it unmistakably and undoubtedly true that he was Oswald. 

Finally, here is the sophisticated image-overlay done by OIC Chairman Larry Rivera, which lays Oswald's face down on top of Doorman's. 

Bingo! Look how perfect that is. So, he had to be Oswald, and I am extremely confident that the photo experts at the National Enquirer would agree. And that's because they were enthused with the Cruz photos, which are good, but not nearly as good as this because you can't use the clothing to confirm.  Here you can. 

But, I don't hold any hope that the National Enquirer would publish these photos- even if their photo team wildly approved. And the reason is- and it's just my opinion- that there is a level of stink and rot in the system that not even they want to expose. We have had 53 years of government and media collusion to sell the lie that Oswald killed Kennedy. And, it's been a very well orchestrated and cunning campaign, involving institutions of higher learning, the Smithsonian Institute, the Newseum in Washington, the Presidential libraries, and of course, the National Archives. I sincerely believe that the National Archives has been Command Central in the ongoing JFK cover-up. Of course, the national magazines like TIME and Newsweek, the three network television stations, the cable tv companies, the newspapers, and really you could say the whole corporate world have collaborated. They support the lie because the truth- that the national security state or shadow government killed Kennedy and framed Oswald- is too ugly and too scary to face. It seems that nearly everybody would rather have delusion than truth about this.  

Take Bernie Sanders. He's a good man. I don't doubt that for a second. But, if he was shown these photos, do you think he would want to tell the country the truth about what really happened to JFK? I don't think so. I doubt it very much. 

But, I fervently believe that facing the truth is always better than living in falsehood and delusion and denial- no matter what. Other countries have had to face the horrible realities of their pasts. If they could do it, we can do it. And I think it's time.  

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