Sunday, May 1, 2016

There was no time window for Oswald to build the Sniper's Nest

by Ralph C. Cinque

If you analyze the situation realistically, you are forced to recognize that there was no slot of time available for Oswald to build the Sniper's Nest. Therefore, someone else must have done it- either before or after the assassination. And we can deduce from that that Oswald was innocent. 

First, let's look at it:

There is controversy about how many boxes were moved. Some claim that the entire wall of boxes that you see below was built by the sniper to shield himself from view.  

Not everyone grants that because then there is really no way to even imagine Oswald having enough time to do that. But, most grant that the building of the Sniper's Nest involved more than just placing the boxes in front of the window, that he did have to erect somewhat of a barrier. 

 So, all of those boxes above were presumably placed by the sniper, even if he didn't build the entire wall seen in the first picture. 

We'll put aside the issue of the size of the Sniper's Nest, because regardless, it was certainly big enough to require a significant amount of time to build.

So, when could Oswald have done it? He could not have done it in the morning. There were men up there on that floor working. They were building a floor, remember? Although I don't think there was any serious floor-building going on, I don't doubt that men were up there. And, they were too many of them to think that no one noticed Oswald building the Sniper's Nest.

What about during the lunch break? No, he could not have done it then because Bonnie Ray Williams was up there then eating his fried chicken and drinking his Dr. Pepper. And, he stayed there until very close to the assassination. He stayed there on the 6th floor until he heard his friends, James Jarman and Harold Norman, arrive on the 5th floor. And that's when Bonnie Ray went down one flight to join them. But, that occurred just several minutes before the motorcade arrived. 

Just the other day, I saw an assessment on McAdams forum by a Donald Willis, claiming that by 12:27, Jarman and Norman were still downstairs. That was just 3 minutes before Kennedy got there. It may be a bit off, but certainly the earliest they could have reached the 5th floor was 12:25. It couldn't have been a second before that, and it probably was later. It was a last minute thing. 
So, if Oswald had to wait until Bonnie Ray Williams skiddadled out of there, how could he- in less than 5 minutes- retrieve his bag containing the rifle parts, wherever he hid it; assemble the rifle using a dime as a screwdriver (as so claimed and reported since no screwdriver was found) and also build the Sniper's Nest? 

He couldn't. He wouldn't. He didn't. It was physically and temporally impossible in the amount of time that he would have had. 

Therefore, Oswald could NOT have built the Sniper's Nest. There was simply no window of time for him to do it. Therefore, he could NOT have killed Kennedy. This exonerates him all by itself. This would exonerate him even if we had nothing else. But, of course, we have plenty else, including images of Oswald standing in the doorway at the time of the shots. 


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