Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ted Cruz has dropped out of the Presidential race. Should that render irrelevant the question of what his father, Rafael Cruz, was doing at the motorcade in Dallas?

No, it shouldn't. It may have that effect, unfortunately, but it shouldn't. It is still just as important as ever to find out what Cruz was doing there, how he came to be there, and who his contacts were. For instance, who is the man in front of him?

It was OIC member Aaron Paterson who recommended that we compare that man to images of other known Cuban dissidents. And, we know that there were quite a few of them at the motorcade. Larry Rivera informed me that some of them were holding up signs protesting JFK. I found this comparison to Alpha 66 founder Antonio Veciana interesting.

What do you think? It's no sure thing, but it is intriguing. And if that is him, then who in his right mind is going to deny that that is Rafael Cruz behind him? Alpha 66 was the CIA-sponsored para-military organization of Cuban dissidents who conducted raids and assassination attempts against Castro.  

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