Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ted Cruz is still a U.S. Senator. So, if his father was involved in the JFK assassination, or simply had foreknowledge of it, I should think it would still be news.

Besides, Lee Harvey Oswald was supposed to be the LONE gunman, with the emphasis on lone, as in: he didn't breathe a word to anybody. 

In fact, supposedly, he didn't even breathe a word to himself until two days before the assassination. Remember? He was in the lunch room, with his feet up on the table, flipping through the newspaper before returning to work as an "order-filler" (cough,cough) when he suddenly caught sight of the motorcade route and decided instantly, like a thunderbolt from Hell, to kill Kennedy.

Hey, if it sounds preposterous, don't blame me. It's their story.

But somehow, Rafael Cruz traveled from New Orleans, where he was living, to Dallas and planted himself at a high spot right above the Kill Zone. That needs some 'splainin' because it sure looks like he knew what was going to happen. Plus, in a conversation that practically everybody has had, one time or another, (Where were you when you heard the news about Kennedy?) he's been mum for 53 years. Then, he fled this country to Calgary, Canada? No offense to Calgarians, but who gets the idea, "Think I'll move to Calgary"? And when his wife gave birth, she didn't even use his last name on the birth certificate but rather that of her former husband, "Wilson". They were married, she and Rafael, weren't they? We've got a wedding picture. That is a cake they're cutting, isn't it?

So, the mystery remains about Rafael Cruz and his connection to Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassination. It's important because the truth about the JFK assassination is important. 

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