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These are some very interesting observations about Oswald's reported rant at the FBI office in which he supposedly left a written message for Hosty by OIC senior member Aaron Paterson. 

Did it really happen? I don't know. And if it did happen, I doubt that it happened the way they said it did. 

Some conspiracists go so far as to say that the note was a warning about the upcoming attack on Kennedy, but that is ridiculous. 

There are some things you scribble on scratch paper: a reminder to pick up milk, don't forget to call Mom for Mother's Day, be sure to leave a dollar under Sally's pillow for that baby tooth that fell out. Stuff like that. 

But when the President of the United States and Leader of the Free World is going to be attacked, you don't scribble that on scratch paper. 

I tell you, the immaturity and childishness of some of the people who are involved in this is unbelievable. Anyway, here is Aaron with some astute observations.

(Lee's Frame Of Mind).

By Aaron Paterson

Looking at Lee Harvard Oswald intellect and literacy, there are some strange things that don’t add up to what we are led to be believe about this man who was so entirely sown up as a Patsy, it would be fair to Oswad an earnest overview pertaining to what he did and didn’t do leading up to the events of 22nd November.
The FBI office had dealings with Oswald that still require some looking into. We can start by looking at the day in Dallas when he went to the FBI office to confront Agent Hosty who had been visiting Lee Harvey Oswald’s wife, Marina, who was pregnant with a 17-18 month old daughter June to care for and Marina was residing with Quaker woman, Mrs. Ruth Paine. We must keep in mind that Oswald had never seen Hosty in his kife until that meeting in the Police Chief's office.
When Marina told her husband that Agent Hosty had called on her twice asking questions, Lee Oswald was livid, and it appears from Dallas police interrogation report that Oswald became enraged when Agent Hosty attended the police station to interview him.
 We must go back several weeks to Oswald's visit to the FBI office to confront Hosty who was not there, well he was, but he did not come out and talk to Oswald. It is strange indeed that two things happened which still puzzles us today. Why didn’t the Secretary stamp  Oswald’s note as “RECEIVED “, the FBI have no record of the Date that Oswald called into their office, and why did the FBI note disappear? Let’s go back and read some of the Testimony of Mrs. Fenner, the secretary who Oswald spoke to that unrecorded day on the 12th Floor of the Dallas FBI office.
Fenner: Oswald got off the elevator, he came to my desk, he said, “H.A. Hosty, please. “ and he had a wild look in his eyes, and he was very fidgety, and he had a 3x5 envelope in his hand. It was not sealed and in it was a piece of paper.... And it was folded.... And the bottom portion was visible the whole time he was standing there waiting to see if H.A. Hosty was there. Because i called Shreveport. She had to call downstairs to see if he was in.
During this time, he kept taking the letter in and out of the envelope. When I informed him H.A. Hosty was not in the office, he threw it like that (indicating the letter) on my desk, and said, “Well, get this to him” and turned and walked back to the elevator.
Note: almost immediately after Oswald's departure, Hosty stepped into the front desk area to find out what was going on
As the bottom portion of the letter was visible, I could not help read the last two lines. The last two lines stated, “I will either blow up the Dallas Police Department and the FBI office. “
Note: Fenner states Oswald letter contains I WILL EITHER, than includes DPD “AND” FBI, rather then “or”
Well with that I considered it a threat so I then took the letter in my hand to see what was above that, I don’t remember the exact words, but it was something about [Hosty] speaking to his wife and what he was going to do if they didn’t stop. So I immediately left my desk and took it into our Assistant Agent in charge, who was Mr. Kyle Clark.
Note: Fenner also says a female co-worker walked up to her afterwards and asked who was “the Creep” who just called in. Fenner also states Oswald’s handwriting matched that of a 3rd or 4th Grade student, so poor was his hand writing.
Mr. Seiberling: Thankyou Mr. Chairman: Mrs Fenner, at any time in the  conversations you had with the FBI people about this matter, did anyone comment upon the fact that it was strange that a person who a few days later attempted and succeeded in assassinating the President, would have come to the FBI for any reason? Did anyone discuss this?
Fenner: No. No, Sir. And I don’t know myself the exact date that he came to our office. It could have been in November. It could have been before that. I could not pin-point the date.
Seiberling: the date if there is any date that could pin-point it seems to me very, very important.
Note: An Agent Horton told Mrs. Fenner he had been travelling with Agent Shanklin to retired Agent Mabray's retirement party in Abilene, Texas and that after telling Shanklin, “he almost jumped out the car window”. This seems to indicate that Assistant Agent in charge Kyle Clark had spoke to other Agents before Shanklin. That being the case why would Horton  rather than Hosty or Clark  reveal information to Shanklin in a casual fashion (during a car ride) to a party. Mrs. Fennel was surprised herself that Agent Horton knew about the Oswald note.
Agents Clark and Hosty both told Mrs. Fenner that Oswald was a nut. This is interesting because here we find Lee Harvey Oswald (pre-22 Nov) already called a Nut, which is exactly what he was labelled after JFK was killed.
On Sunday, 24th November, 1963, Fenner was home watching TV with her husband, and he told her that she jumped about ten feet out of her seat when she saw Lee Harvey Oswald being escorted in handcuffs to an awaiting vehicle to be transported to the Dallas County Jail. She said, “Oh my God, that’s the man who brought the letter to my office. “
This same day, Sunday, Fenner was contacted and told to report to work immediately, she arrived just on sunset. She did not tell anyone at work that she had seen Oswald on TV. There are some questions begging to be asked.
Q. Why would any man attend an FBI office to confront an Agent whilst carrying a letter to blow up both the Dallas Police Department and FBI office.
Q. Why were the Dallas Police Department even mentioned at this time, prior to the Kennedy visit to Texas? What was Oswald’s beef with them?
Q. Here, we find another instance of Oswald taking time off from work at the TSBD to visit Dallas FBI, he was only six weeks into his employment yet stories are everywhere that he was dining at coffee shops, at the Rifle Range, test-driving a motor vehicle and visiting the FBI offices. Did he build up some ‘time in lieu toil'?
Q. Wouldn’t Oswald figure out that the FBI might reveal his Marxist leanings to his employer? That wouldn’t have sat well with his bosses or co-workers?
Q. Was Oswald’s mindset that erratic that the idea to threaten local FBI, plot to kill Kennedy far outweighed his family duties/responsibilities and potentially place their safety, happiness and wellbeing at risk?
Mrs. Fenning stated that when she returned to work on late Sunday afternoon, “Mr. Clark came out of his office and he said, “well you can forget about the Oswald note. “
Q. Why would Clark even bother saying this to a woman who minded the front desk, when she encountered Oswald and took receipt of the letter thrown by him on her desk, then she passed it to Assistant Agent Clark, Fenning had no expectations to be further handling or dealing/filing the Oswald note! She stated, “That’s all he said. I don’t know why he said it. –
Mr. Butler: Now, wait just a minute. Mr. Clark—this is within three or four days—
Mrs. Fenning, that was the day after Oswald was shot.
A few questions later.......
Fenning: I asked Mr. Hosty myself, I said, “Hosty, what happened to the Oswald letter? He said, “what letter?”
Mr.  Drinan: Do you think it was strange he came out expressly and only the Agent in charge, the principal person the evening of Oswald’s killing was it?
Fenning: No, this was the day after that.
Drinan: The day after that?
Fenning: No, wait, it was on Sunday. It was on Sunday, the day he [Oswald] was shot, that evening.
Drinan: In other words, word of his killing had just come out a few hours before?
Fenning: Uh-huh.
Drinan: Mr Clark who was the Agent in charge—
Fenning: No, he was the Assistant Agent in charge.
Drinan: The Assistant Agent in charge made a trip to see the receptionist, and the only thing he said was, quote, unquote, “You can forget about the Oswald note”?
Fenner: it only takes about ten steps to go to my desk.
Drinan: That was the only....
Fenner: That was the only remark he made. I don’t know why he made it, and I didn’t ask him [why he made it].
Drinan: In other words, you felt it was strange Mr.  Clark came and said, quote, unquote, “You can forget about the Oswald note”.
Fenner: I didn’t think so much about Mr. Clark saying it, but the fact Hosty said, “No letter, I don’t know what letter__ “
Note: Mrs Fenner was surprised at Hosty denying any knowledge of the Oswald note? He is lying to a co-worker with 21 years with the FBI?
Note: Mrs. Fenning was never told that the note was destroyed, she found out about it in the paper. Nor was Fenning ever aware that Washington FBI knew about the Oswald note. An FBI Agent from Washington flew to Dallas and was let into the building by Mrs. Fenning.
Fenning had been employed by the FBI since 1941, and during all that time was never aware that evidence such as letters or notes were destroyed by the FBI. It was common knowledge in the Dallas FBI office that an Oswald note existed.
Fenning stated that the threatening letter written by Lee Harvey Oswald was signed, ‘Lee Harvey Oswald', but friends and relatives state that Lee always signed his name,  ‘Lee Oswald’ and never wrote his middle name, but perhaps wrote Lee H Oswald or L.H. Oswald.
This same FBI office visited Ruth Paine’s home and was handed a letter written to a Russian Embassy, in this letter we see he incorrectly informs that his wife’s name was Marina Nichelayeva Oswald, when her properly spelt middle name was Nikolayevna, a patronymic middle name used in Russia. Her father died fighting the Nazis in Russia when Marina was a toddler. His name was Nikolai Prusakova

Left and Right Palm Prints of Lee Harvey Oswald. He was known to wear his wedding Ring and Unite States Marine Corps Ring, there is no indentation of any finger suggesting a Ring Has Been Worn on either hand. If Oswald wore two rings, wedding and Marine Corp ring than some indentation should show on his palm print, no matter how hard you push down on his hands? 

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