Sunday, May 8, 2016

Yet another untruth from the Idiot Backes, and this one is a whopper. Now, he's saying that most of my claims originated with others. 

That is not true. Here is a partial list of finds that were first made by me and no one else:

1) Doorman's "cap" was transferred from the image of Young Lovelady from the 1950s.

2) The vee of Doorman's t-shirt is the actual form of his t-shirt against his skin, and it is Oswald's unique t-shirt.

3. Black Tie Man was added to the Altgens photo which cut off Oswald's left shoulder and caused other distortions. The purpose was to cover up the unique form of Oswald's shirt.

4. Black Hole Man's face was blackened out to hide the fact that he was Lovelady.

5. The profile of Carl Jones was added to the Altgens photo, taken from a Phil Willis slide. Carl Jones was mostly out of view to Altgens, and his position at the time was exactly the same as it was in the Wiegman film.

6. The Woman and Boy in the Altgens photo were added to cover up Jack Ruby. There is no way that she could be holding him, and yet, he is higher than she is. That is impossible.

7. The Woman and Baby in Towner aren't even photographic. Not only were they not there; they did not exist at all. They were just techno-art, added to substantiate the Woman and Boy in Altgens. However, why anyone should equate a boy with a baby, I do not know.

8. Toni Glover and her mother were NOT standing on the pedestal when the motorcade passed. That was faked: in Hughes, Bell, and Dorman. That middle-aged mother would no more have climbed up on that pedestal than my middle-aged mother. 

9. Lovelady was NOT seated at the desk in the squad room of the Homicide detectives. That was faked. For goodness sake, this guy wasn't Lovelady; that's plain as day. And he wasn't there. He was added to the film. 

10. A Lovelady figure was also added to the east side of the Hughes doorway- a spot that Lovelady never ever claimed to be. They added the Lovelady figure on the right, and they added the Doorman figure on the left. Doorman was NEVER hovering above Carl Jones. Doorman was ALWAYS in the center of the doorway, far away from Jones. And neither one of them was wandering around the doorway during the motorcade.

11. I was not the first to claim that Gorilla Man from the six-second clip attributed to Martin wasn't really Lovelady, but I was the first to claim that it was faked, that the impostor wasn't there on 11/22/63.

12. I was the first to point out that the 2nd Doorman in Wiegman was not Oswald nor Lovelady, nor was he really there. They implanted him into the film because Oswald had left for the lunch room.

I could keep going. There is plenty more that I discovered. Nobody demolished the stupid Thorburn reaction theory put forward by the evil John Lattimer as I did. I consider that mine. In the Zapruder film, I demonstrated, using trigonometry, that the angle from the 6th floor was too steep for the bullet to pass through Kennedy and Connally as is claimed. And although I wasn't the first to maintain that Babushka Lady took the Moorman photo, I was the first to point out that image of BJ Martin's arm and motorcycle handle were completely faked- and I went to Dealey Plaza and proved it. 

There's more, but that's a partial list of my discoveries and contributions to JFK assassination research, and the plain truth is that I have been one of the most productive researchers there ever was. 

And I'm not saying that to brag. I'm saying it to show how ridiculous Backes' statement is that most of the things I claim I got from others. The truth is that most of the things I claim I discovered myself. 

And no, I don't deserve credit for the photo of Rafael Cruz in front of the Trade Mart. But, I do deserve credit for the photo of him at the motorcade at the entrance to Dealey Plaza.

And, the fact is, the match is better than the other one. 

That is a mountain of accomplishment, and I stand behind every one of them. Note that some others have taken my ideas and run with them, and I don't mind a bit. 

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