Monday, September 5, 2016

Backes put up the Bill Lord video, but it's not from Youtube. I don't know where he got it. But, when you watch it at normal speed (and that is the only way you can watch it) you only get one very fleeting glimpse of the face he is wrongly saying is Ruby's. It's so fleeting that it took me several attempts to stop the video on it. 

I captured the above frame, and that is all you get. And it flies by in a tiny fraction of a second. There is no basis to claim that that is Ruby. Based on what? The baldness? Ruby wasn't bald. He was balding, but he wasn't bald. And otherwise, what? What are the matching data points to Ruby?

So, in terms of image comparison, it fails completely. But, let's consider something else. I've been declaring that the shooter wasn't Jack Ruby for months now, probably about 6 months. And, I've also said repeatedly that there are NO images of the shooter's face, and that a concerted effort was made to keep him out of view. It was his effort and the effort of the men who were apprehending him. I've been saying it for 6 months. So, if Backes was going to claim that there is an image of his face, why didn't he do it 6 months ago when I first started saying it? Why did he wait until now? Is it the case that he didn't know about it until now? Did Backes' handlers come up with this? Yeah, that's right. Like Oswald, Backes has got handlers. So, did his handlers put him up to posting this? 

And, look at the big picture: it's been nearly 53 years since it happened. Over a half a century. So, how is it that this image, allegedly of the shooter's face, Ruby's face, right during the scuffle, didn't get noticed until September 5, 2016? How is that possible with all the spotlighting that has been put on the JFK assassination, including its films? 

I am stating it, categorically: That guy is NOT Jack Ruby.

And likewise, he wasn't the shooter either.

So, these assholes want to equate those three, but they can't admit that these two are the same man?

What this is about is blood. Blood, blood, blood, blood, blood. The blood of John Kennedy and Lee Oswald and many others in which these Ops are swimmi

It is an outrage that Backes would try to claim this. This is really low. But, tell me something, Backes: How does you claiming something oblige anyone to believe it and accept it? Just because you are capable of hitting some keys to write "that's Ruby" puts no obligation on me or anyone else to accept it. You're shoveling shit, Backes. And you're digging yourself in deeper. 

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