Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Former CIA Agent Robert Steele and I agree that, like Sirhan Sirhan, Jack Ruby was under mind control. 

Just listen to Ruby in this interview. He sounds confused, disoriented, like he's having trouble getting his thoughts out. 


But, do you know who was NOT under mind control? Lee Harvey Oswald. He never sounded like that. On the contrary, he made sharp, clear, emphatic statements, such as "I adamantly deny these charges."


Oswald, unlike Sirhan and Ruby, said nothing about not remembering anything, and nothing about anything being a blur. Oswald was clear: He didn't shoot anybody. He didn't order or own a rifle. He didn't pose for any pictures holding a rifle. He didn't go to Mexico City. Oswald was clear-headed, and that is why they had to kill him pronto. If he had talked to a lawyer, it would have been all over- for them. 

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