Saturday, September 3, 2016

Gotta laugh.  Brian Pete wanted to contest the idea of it being unusual for police to drag a criminal somewhere without cuffing him first, but the only examples he could claim to find were of other assassination attempts

That's it? The very fact that he could find nothing from the regular course of police work and had to stay within the Presidential assassination realm shows you how rare and unusual occurrence it is- as rare and unusual as Presidential assassinations. 

And actually, Presidential assassinations aren't that rare when you consider how few Presidents there have been and how many have been assassinated. But, as a percentage of all violent crime that police have to deal with, Presidential assassinations amount to zero, statistically speaking. And yet, the best he could do was cite the shooting attempts on Ronald Reagan and George Wallace? 

John Hinckley, the son of Vice President George HW Bush's close friend? You had to resort to him, did you? 

You see, that proves that I'm right, that in the regular course of police work, the police cuff a violent offender before they take him anywhere. It is truly standard operating procedure.

Here is Bremer:

This is from Wikipedia: 

After emptying his revolver, Bremer was wrestled to the ground and punched and kicked repeatedly by several people present. Ten security men were needed to pry him from the crowd so the Police could arrest him. Bremer himself was taken to hospital for treatment of a head wound he had sustained.

Notice above that they weren't trying to cover him up the way the cops did with "Ruby". We can plainly see Bremer's face. 
And notice the cop on the right who is looking down. He's obviously doing something. Is he putting a handcuff on Bremer's wrist? Now look below. Is that a handcuff on his wrist? 

Now look at Hinckley as they are carrying him away.

How do you know he's not handcuffed? 

Regardless, these assassination attempts carry all the suspicions of patsies and inside jobs that the JFK assassination carries. Therefore, they're tainted. Therefore, you can't use them. 

Jim Leavelle has said repeatedly that "Ruby" had more shooting to do and that if his partner LC Graves hadn't grabbed his arm that Ruby would have shot him. Leavelle credits Graves for saving his life. Now, if that's true, that "Ruby" was still in a murdering mode, and far be it from me to say that Jim Leavelle is full of shit, then how do you not cuff a guy like that? 

If it were me, Brian Pete, I would take that post down because it's not doing you any good. Leastways, it's doing you more harm than it's doing me. But, suit yourself. 

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