Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I brightened this up:

That isn't Jack Ruby. And it's not the shooter either. It doesn't mesh with the story. The story is that "Ruby" was wrestled into the building, meaning that he was grabbed by multiple men and dragged into the building. That isn't going on with that guy. That is not how "Ruby" was moved inside. So, who is he? I don't know. I don't recognize him. Is this even real? I doubt it. 

"Ruby" disappeared inside the mob of men, and he was covered up by them. Nobody ever claimed until two days ago that there were images of Ruby inside the mob. So, for 53 years, there wasn't  a word about this. You show me one place where these images were shown and posted and discussed before the other day. You know damn well it doesn't exist. No, no, no. Backes pulled a fast one here. He tried to introduce something brand spanking new, something never before seen or claimed, and that's in 53 years: images of Ruby within the mob as he was being moved into the building. And, he just glibly said that it's Ruby. He didn't even acknowledge that it's new.  

So, what is Backes' story? That he just noticed it for the first time the other day.  Or did someone else point it out to you, Backes? Your handlers? 

It's obviously not Ruby. So, why are they doing this? Why are they trying to get away with this? What makes them so desperate to make them think that they needed this? Apparently, they realize that the whole story stinks. It definitely wasn't Ruby shooting. And I have no belief in Oswald having been shot in that garage, for these reasons:

1) His movements: cringing forward, and then veering back, and then going up on his toes, and I mean way up, and then he collapses straight down like a freight elevator. It doesn't follow from the shot he received, and the only thing he should have done after the shot he received is go straight down. Reminder: his aorta and vena cava were severed. I said: his aorta and vena cave were severed. His aorta and vena cava were severed. You don't go up on your fucking toes when your aorta and vena cava are severed. 

Secondly this image below and Oswald's arrangement in it. The purpose of Oswald's arrangement is to make sense out of the fact that we see no sign of trauma to him, no disruption of his clothing, and no sign of any blood.

So, he was shot in the side, in his left rib cage, at the chostochonral junction of the 7th rib, and that's his reaction, to press his forearm diagonally across his chest? Why would he do that? They have him doing that just to cover up the area of trauma so that not seeing any disruption of him or of his clothing doesn't bother us. And it is to justify the lack of blood. And many people said there was no blood. Not a drop. Bob Jackson himself said that there wasn't a drop of blood.  All the disruption is underneath his arm. Supposedly. That's what we are supposed to believe. Except that that's two arms.

That is two hands clasping, as in praying. Craig Roberts noticed it first, and Chana Willis confirmed it. The plotters did it.. It means Oswald wasn't really hurt, not yet anyway. 

And, doesn't the shooting of Oswald look staged? You've got them coming in, in procession, like it's somebody's Confirmation. You've got the two cops trying hard NOT to look in the direction of Ruby. Leavelle actually looks away in the opposite direction at the crucial moment when "Ruby" is shooting.

Is Leavelle or is not Leavelle looking away? His line of sight is nowhere near Ruby. And, for 53 years, Leavelle has been telling a cock and bull story that he saw Ruby coming, moving in, and knew exactly what he was going to do, and he tried to jerk Oswald out of the way and only succeeded at rotating him. All of that is complete, utter bull shit. Leavelle didn't react to Ruby in the slightest until AFTER the shot went off, and at no time did he do anything to try to protect Oswald. He's just a fucking liar and always has been. He lied on 11/22/63, and he's been lying ever since. And now, in his old age, he's become the fucking poster boy for this shit. 

Our government has been lying to us about the JFK assassination since November 22, 1963, and not just lying to us, but truly doing the big con on us, playing with our heads, and playing us for fools. Do you see now why I hate the bastards and their minions? And they have a hell of a lot of minions. The whole structure of the American system is rotten to the core because this is what it's based on: ruthless murder and vicious lies. We are NOT the City on a Hill. We are the Evil Empire. 

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