Saturday, September 3, 2016

I haven't commented on the Presidential race in a while, so I am going to do that now. The issue of illegal aliens is front and center, but the Establishment isn't honest about it, and Trump isn't realistic. Look at the term the Establishment uses to describe them. It tells you everything you need to know. They call them "undocumented workers." Not illegal aliens but undocumented workers.

The operative word is workers. These people work. They come here to work. They work hard, at jobs that many consider to be unappealing, and they do it for low pay. It supports the US economy, and more important, it supports the US dollar. If the US dollar can buy a lot of labor cheap, it gives it value. It helps preserve its value. And that's why the Establishment wants the illegal aliens to stay. They really don't want to enforce the immigration laws. I'm not even sure they want to stop the flow.

But as for Trump, who wants to deport them all, he's not being realistic about who is going to replace them. Does he really think that US citizens are going to want to pick onions in the field for minimum wage? If all the illegal workers disappeared overnight, the US economy would be in trouble.  Eventually, it would get sorted out at higher wages, but I think there would be a serious labor shortfall, at first.  Many areas, including mine would feel the pinch with laborers hard to come by. And that pertains to a very broad array of services. 

So, why doesn't the Establishment admit it that they want these people here? Why do they act so appalled when Donald Trump says that they are here illegally, and all he wants to do is enforce the law? It's because they don't really like the law. They know that the vast majority of people who sneak in here do so to work and not to commit crimes. Of course, there are some criminals among them, but is the percentage of criminals among illegals any higher than for the general population? Of course, I'm ignoring the crime of their coming here. It's not as though if we got rid of all the illegal aliens tomorrow, that there would be no violent crime in America. There would still be plenty. 

However, Donald Trump is spot-on right about the Syrian refugees. That is nothing but political grandstanding, playing up the whole "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses," etc. It makes us look compassionate, even though we are mostly responsible for the turmoil and carnage in Syria.  Look how long we have been backing and enabling the rebels who are fighting Assad. The guy is a London-trained opthalmologist, for Christ's sake. He's not a monster. We're the monsters over there. And thank God Putin stepped in. I really think he is drawing the line in Syria. He let us overrun Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, and perhaps he regrets it. But, he won't let us do it in Syria. 

But, getting back to Trump, why does the Establishment hate him so much? Do you think it's because of the illegal aliens? Do you think it's because of the Wall? Well, just imagine a situation in which he is who he is but he isn't talking about deporting the illegal aliens, and he isn't talking about building a wall. Do you think the Establishment would go for him? Hell no. They're glad to have these lightening rod issues for which to condemn him, but if they didn't have them, they'd be just as opposed to his candidacy. Why? Because he can't be trusted. Donald Trump was one of the leading and most visible and vocal "birthers" in the country. And there is only a stone's throw difference between a birther and a truther. 

Donald Trump doesn't get it that there are certain things that are off-limits, and the birther issue was definitely off-limits. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, you are supposed to, and expected to, respect those limits. He didn't. That made him persona non grata. They could NEVER trust him after that. 

But, anyone who has written Trump off hasn't been paying attention. Hillary is in trouble. There could be more revelations. Wikileaks is saying there will be more. The whole Huma thing could blow-up further in tabloid fashion. There could be more revelations about the Clinton Foundation. And as I have said before, I think Trump is going to beat her in the debates, just like he beat all the Republicans. They all- the lot of them- came across as weak compared to him. I don't expect Hillary to fare any better. And if she starts having her convulsions and stuttering etc., it's going to look bad; it could finish her. 

But, calling the race is tough. For one thing, will it be honest, or will they rig the machines? The whole Establishment, Republicans and Democrats, want Hillary. So, will Trump have enough people in place to stop it? And if all else fails, will they consider the lone nut option? 

Why does Donald Trump keep saying that Mexico is going to pay for the Wall, when they say they aren't? How is he going to make them pay? Do you realize how much fresh produce in US grocery stores is grown in Mexico. Mexico feeds us.  


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