Thursday, September 8, 2016

I've often pointed out that it's easy to lie with a keyboard. You can hit any keys you want. He's Ruby. That's Jack Ruby. You see how easy it is?

I have provided objective, concrete reasons why this guy or these guys can't be Jack Ruby, based on photographic comparison and also because Jack Ruby, at the time was being dragged into the building, and these guys aren't being dragged, period.

If you watch the films, you see that "Ruby" is swifted out of the garage so fast, it's like he vanishes. Big men were wrestling/dragging him out of there, and it was swift. Plus, he was surrounded, circled, by the mob. He was in the center, and they were all around him. So, how could any camera see through the mob to get to Ruby? 

That obviously isn't Jack Ruby. And it's appalling that Joseph Backes should think that anyone is obliged to accept it just because he says it. 

Those are different angles, but no, they are not the same man. And obviously these are not:

My Good God, you'd have to be out of your mind to say that those are the same man. 

The killing of Kennedy was so evil, and the ongoing cover-up that continues in earnest to this day is just as evil. Some do it as lonenutters while others working with them do it as CTs, but the vile, despicable lies go on and on without end. But, there will be a reckoning. The JFK assassination cover-up has a legacy that includes murder; multiple murders. That's what we're dealing with with the people we are dealing with. And that they would kill again is not something I would ever put past them. This is a war, and the viciousness of this war is as vicious as any war that has ever been fought. 

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