Friday, September 2, 2016

Nope. You have got it wrong, Chris Peeks (who resurrected the worn-out claim about why Oswald would go get a Coke at a time like that). There was a lot of commotion alright. People were running, hiding, acting confused, and Dave Wiegman has got his camera pointed straight ahead down Elm Street where the action was. But then, he swings around to his right to shoot the doorway a second time? Why would he do that? Answer: he must have detected something in the doorway. And then when his camera got there, what do we find? A phony image of a Doorman who wasn't Oswald, wasn't Lovelady and wasn't anybody we know. It's also a still image put into a movie, and that's a problem.

So, the only way they could make it work was to make the glimpse of him incredibly short by removing frames, so that the fact that he's not moving is concealed. And that's what they did. But, the point is that Wiegman detected something going on in that doorway, and that's why he swung his camera around again. And when he got there Oswald was gone. And since they needed to have a Doorman there, they put that stiff guy in there. But, what must have happened is that SHELLEY ORDERED OSWALD TO GO TO THE LUNCH ROOM. I don't know what excuse he gave him. But, he definitely told him something. And that's why Oswald went to the lunch room and NOT to get a Coke.

And the proof of the pudding is that both Truly and Baker said that Oswald had no Coke when they saw him. Baker said that Oswald was walking through the lunch room but with no sign that he was heading towards the Coke machine. After they were gone, Oswald did get a Coke, but, it was an afterthought.

Above is the first Wiegman Doorman, who was Oswald. Below is the second Wiegman Doorman who was nobody.

He's the one who was put into the film because Oswald had left. He obviously isn't the Altgens Doorman. How could he be when he has no hair, a very short neck, a round face, and a stocky build?

So, I don't know who the second Wiegman Doorman was, but I do know that he was put into the film because Oswald, under duress, had left for the lunch room.

And as for what witnesses said, word spread very quickly that nobody saw Oswald in the doorway, and if you thought you did, you didn't, because he was up on the 6th floor at the time. Are you actually dumb enough (Chris) to complain that there are no witnesses claiming to have seen Oswald in the doorway in the Warren Report? They wouldn't have published such sightings. If anyone had tried to say it, they would have been sternly corrected by big FBI agents, and then they would have been crossed off the list of potential witnesses. For instance, Carolyn Arnold was not interviewed by the Warren Commission, and that's because she first said that she saw Oswald at the doorway shortly before the shooting, and they couldn't trust her. So, it means NOTHING that there are no such witnesses. We're lucky we have her, referring to her first FBI statement, given on November 26, 1963.

And finally, you claimed that Lovelady said it was him, that he was Doorman. Not to the Warren Commission he didn't. Read his testimony. Joseph Ball could have easily asked him a direct question about it, such as, pointing to Doorman and asking, "Is that you?" But, he never did any such thing. Instead, he just asked Lovelady to draw an arrow to himself on CE 369, which Lovelady did. But, since there is only one arrow pointing to Doorman (Frazier's arrow) Lovelady must have drawn his elsewhere. And even after it was drawn, Joseph Ball never said anything to the effect that Lovelady's arrow was pointing to the same figure as Frazier's, to the Man in the Doorway. Didn't happen. So, you may want to think twice before citing Lovelady's WC testimony because it does no good for your side.

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