Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Idiot Backes complains that he didn't get to see this woman's legs, at first, so HE couldn't tell that she was walking. 

And then, when he did see her legs, which show her striding, he complained that he didn't get to see them at first. But, the point is, that whether you saw them or didn't see them, Backass: the woman is walking, and there is no doubt about it. Only a shithead like you would keep arguing about it. Do you still claim that I didn't use Tri-X film?

Backes doesn't care about Kennedy. He certainly doesn't care the least bit about Oswald. Let me tell you how evil this guy Backes is: The mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald is going to happen in 14 months. Now keep in mind that Backes claims, superficially, to be an Oswald defender. Of course, he doesn't use the term, and he doesn't actually defend Oswald. But, he uses Oswald to brandish his ridiculous theory that the Dallas Police concocted the story of Oswald's bus and cab ride. Yes, Backes thinks that Oswald was framed- about transportation. His theory is that some unknown person pulled up in front of the Depository and yelled at Oswald, "Hey Oswald! Get in the fucking car!" I kid you not. That's what he said, the idiot. 

That's the stupidity in him, but here's the evil in him: he claims to believe in Oswald's innocence, but if Oswald gets acquitted at the mock trial because his lawyer argues that he was standing in the doorway of the Book Depository during the shooting, Backes will be sorely disappointed. And if it comes down to that, and the jury is deliberating, Backes will be hoping and praying for a GUILTY verdict. And he will jump for joy if he gets it.  Can you see now how totally worthless his claimed advocacy for Oswald is? He is no friend of Lee Harvey Oswald. It is much more important to him to see me lose than to see Oswald win. Talk about a schmuck.  That word is way too mild to describe him. Joseph Backes is the devil. 

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