Friday, September 2, 2016

There has been increased activity at my main Visible Proof video on Youtube.  And it cracks me up that people think there are things that they can throw at me that are going to stymie me. 

There is NOTHING that is going to stymie me. No piece of evidence, no piece of testimony, no point of fact, nothing. Absolutely nothing can challenge the fact that it is Oswald in the doorway; his face; his clothes; his build; his stance, and even his expression with the piercing eyes.

The fact that no one, that we know of besides Carolyn Arnold, reported seeing him at or in the doorway means nothing. Look what happened to Carolyn Arnold. When first asked, she said she saw Oswald at the doorway. The way it was written up was "between the double doors" but that's the same as saying "at the doorway." But, look what happened four months later; she revised her statement and said she didn't see Oswald at all around the time of the assassination. Word spread quickly that nobody saw Oswald downstairs close to the time of the assassination. Carolyn Arnold apparently didn't get the message in time, hence her original honest statement. But, she was the last to get the message. But she got it, and everybody got it that saying that you saw Oswald when you shouldn't have seen him was not OK. 

And let's remember what we know about the TSBD. They had a very stringent security, privacy, and confidentiality arrangement with their employees. We know that because of a secretary who worked there who confided in journalist Eliza Glaze in the 1970s that she had to sign all kinds of documents promising not to divulge anything, etc., not to talk to anybody about what goes on there, not even your spouse, etc. They had that for a kids' school book distributing company? Is it possible that all the employees knew that there was more going on there than distributing Dick and Jane readers? Something else. And I mean all the employees even in 1963. 

So, when the word spread that nobody saw Oswald downstairs after a certain time, they may have understood from prior experience that you don't mess with the company on that score. And, they certainly wouldn't mess with the FBI. 

So, we are VERY lucky to have Carolyn Arnold's original testimony. That one fell through the cracks, much like Lovelady's arrow. We weren't supposed to find out about it, but we did. 

But, how about not being so childish? Because: once you see that it's Oswald and Oswald's clothes on Doorman, then it doesn't matter what ANYBODY said or didn't say. Including Oswald. Even if it was reported that Oswald was shown the Altgens photo, and he said it wasn't him in the doorway, even that wouldn't matter. It would still be Oswald in the doorway. Why? Because the images rule. That's why. They lord over every fucking one of us. And the images say that it's him, Oswald, in the doorway.  

So, even if they could cite something for which I couldn't answer, it still wouldn't matter. The images would still prevail. But, the fact is, I can answer to anything and everything. There is nothing that stymies me. There is nothing for which I am left hanging. 

If these people were even close to being smart, they would know that there best course of action is to just ignore me. Because: if they throw an attack at me, I attack back, and I always prevail. I always have the last word. And the net effect is that I just write more and post more. But, some people never learn. 

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