Saturday, April 23, 2016

There is another book out about the Dulles brothers, in parallel with David Talbot's book. The other book is: The Brothers by Stephen Kinzer.

It's gotten mostly positive reviews on Amazon, but there is a mixed and mostly critical review by Hugh O'Neill, who is a member of the OIC. I say "mixed" because he admits there is some revealing information in the book, although nothing particularly new, and also a lot left out. But, Hugh repeatedly questions Kinzer's motives and wonders whose side he's really on and who he's really working for. In sum, Hugh says that what is supposed to be an expose' of the Dulles brothers is really just damage control.  

Foster & Allen - great entertainers still going strong
on April 22, 2016

Kinzer has written a most revealing book - but not in the way he intended. Although his portrait of the Dulles brothers purports to be "warts and all" - the crimes he covers can only ever be the tip of the iceberg - and little is revealed that we didn't already know. It is in the omissions that we find the true purpose of this book. In paraphrasing RFK's private opinion that the Warren Commission was a "shoddy piece of craftsmanship", Kinzer's work is a very crafty piece of shoddy work - or a "limited hang-out" in disinformation-speak. The quote from "Moby Dick" at the frontispiece may be a Freudian admission of the delicate tightrope he must walk between truth and deception. Kinzer admits (p.27) Uncle Bert Lansing's duplicity in the Lusitania sinking which ultimately brought US into World War I; however, in discussing the infamous Pearl Harbor attack (p.64) he repeats the tired old lie that it represented a "profound intelligence failure" when in fact it was the opposite - an unmitigated success i.e. it brought the US into World War II as desired by Wall Street. Kinzer prefers his Allen Dulles as an avuncular pipe-smoking libertine, not the amoral psychopath he patently was- e.g. Allen was too nice to sack anyone for being drunk or useless, but he had no problem with ordering the slaughter of thousands of innocents. Throughout the Eisenhower era, Kinzer adroitly places all blame on that hapless president- thus the worst that the Dulles brothers can be accused of, according to Kinzer, is merely obeying orders. (Sorry, Kinzer: that line of defence was thrown out at Nuremberg). Furthermore, obedience is not a virtue respected by the Dulles brothers who patently disobeyed Ike's orders (see Beschloss's disinfo "Mayday") not to fly the U2 over Russia for fear of upsetting the Paris Peace Talks. As we know, Gary Powers' U2 crash did exactly as they intended i.e. they wrecked the Peace Talks. When Eisenhower thought about explaining this to Khrushchev, Foster warned him that this would make it look like Ike wasn't really in charge - and the fact is: he wasn't.
Finally, we get to the Kennedy era and the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Kinzer (p.285) writes: "By sleepwalking through this history, Allen helped guide the United States to a devastating defeat that forever tarnished his legacy". Think about that, folks. According to Kinzer, if Allen had paid attention, then the Bay of Pigs might have been a victory in which Castro was overthrown etc. What was Allen Dulles legacy exactly? Success in overthrowing the legitimate governments of Iran, Guatemala, Congo? Success in engineering Coup d'Etats? I think Kinzer is a bit harsh on Dulles since his greatest Coup d'Etat had yet to unfold - that's the one in the United States but after JFK had sacked him. Why did JFK sack him? According to the Kinzer comment beside the cartoon showing Allen Dulles stabbed in the back, Dulles was sacked because the Coup had failed. Wrong! Dulles & Co were sacked because they had lied repeatedly to JFK: they new the landing was doomed but they bargained on being able to bully him into deploying the US Air Force which JFK knew could lead to WW III. This treachery by Dulles and the CIA was confirmed by the Taylor Investigation. (I am not sure what part Dulles played in the formulation of the False Flag "Operation Northwoods" - vetoed by JFK - but it is indicative of the madness of that era.)
Finally we get to the JFK assassination (p.305) which Kinzer brushes off in two very damning paragraphs. The first admits that the CIA was involved. The 2nd makes no comment on the fact that the architect of the assassinations of Castro and Lumumba (Dulles), who had been sacked by JFK, helped investigate his murder whilst shielding the CIA; "Some have found this suspicious" says Kinzer. Suspicious? Which planet does this man live on? However, on p.324 Kinzer explains that "Most [conspiracy theories] posit a secret cabal...that plots world revolution. Foster and Allen saw such a cabal in the 1950s." Wait a minute! Kinzer has just spent the previous 323 pages explaining that the Dulles were part of a secret cabal. So who does Kinzer accuse of being a conspiracy theorist?
Proof that Kinzer is into disinformation is his constant use of "Foster and Allen": Last time I looked, they are a pair of geriatric Irish musicians...

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