Saturday, April 23, 2016

There is a lot to be seen in this collage.

First, you can compare the relationship between Doorman and Black Tie Man in both photos. In my case, I had that guy stand as close to me as possible. How close? We were touching. My shoulder was smack against his. Yet, there is none of that fusion effect that you see on the right. On the right, Doorman's shoulder is cut off. It's missing. He is not just standing there leaning his shoulders. How do I know? Because his head isn't leaning. His head is vertical. You think he's leaning his shoulders but not his head? You try it. Fundamentally, you lean with your spine, and your shoulders just go along for the ride. And what's at the top of your spine? Your head. Your head leads, and your body follows. That's how it is: in earthworms and in people. That Doorman on the right is not intact; he is not whole. He is cut off from having Black Tie Man plopped into the picture.

Now, let's compare Doorman's relationship to Black Man.

The experimental Black Man seems lower in relation to Doorman, but there are several variables that could account for that. Obviously, he is not as hidden behind the pillar as the man in the Altgens photo. And theoretically, it's because he is farther away from the wall, that is, he is further east due to the hand rail. But, I say "theoretically" because the Black Man that we see in Altgens wasn't really there at all, in my opinion. And notice that Doorman's cuff is coming down in front of Black Man's neck, right below his chin. Now, how could that be possible? It can't be. And that's why they came up with the idea that it's another man's arm. But, that is just as ridiculous. Could another man's arm have the exact same greyscale as his rolled up shirt? What are the odds of that? But. that's not all: it would also mean that the other man's skin had the same greyscale, not only of his shirt but of Doorman's shirt as well because they are all the same. It's absurd! And if that's not Doorman's arm, then where is Doorman's arm? He did have one. Are we to assume that it got completely covered up? Oh, how convenient. The arm that we see can't possibly be the arm of the Black Man in the picture because the angle of it is all wrong. It's too high, for one thing, and the hand is turned the wrong way. However, the angle is perfect to be Doorman's arm coming down. And to say that it is the arm of another man who otherwise can't be seen, where only his arm got captured in the picture, is ridiculous. 

In this particular case, I AM an expert because I know anatomy and biomechanics. And, it is my educated opinion that Doorman is anatomically cut-off on his left side, and that arm has got to be his.

However, it does seem like they were trying to weave a story here of something else. This is such a manipulated photograph. How did the American people ever accept this? What is wrong with them? It's a monstrosity. Since when has denialism been so ingrained in American culture? Because: I didn't get the memo. That's what this is: denialism: the explicit refusal to face reality.   

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