Thursday, April 21, 2016


Good job with your treatment on Buell Frazier.
What they don't seem to understand (Frazier and those backing him)
is that it is proven TSBD Doorman was Oswald and, as time goes by,
with more tech/analysis , as has been shown recently by Larry Rivera (and will be followed by others),  it's going to cement the issue EVEN FURTHER that Oswald was Doorman, not Lovelady.
So, no matter what ANYONE does, or says, nothing can change that TRUTH and it will never go away; whether Buell Frazier or you or I, or anyone else, likes it or not... It is very obvious to me the reason they have been willing to go to such an extent to push the extremely obvious Lovelady Big Lie is that Frazier was complicit in other areas (as you implied) of the official version of events we have been led to believe.
Richard Hooke

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