Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Larry Schnapf There was a NY Times article in sept or oct 1964 where Marina is quoted as saying she feared being deported to back to Russia, Think about this logically. A young mother who is not a citizen and comes from a country where the police are feared has a choice of protecting her two babies or protecting her dead husband. Any mother who do what she needed to do to protect her babies. this is an instinct that is present mammals and birds. And the Oswald letter is hogwash. its undated. could have applied to any situation.
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Ralph Cinque So, Larry, it sounds like you think that Marina made a conscious decision to lie, to just say what she was told to say, allowing her husband go down in history as the most notorious assassin in the history of assassins. To that I say: maybe you're right. But, I am also open to the possibility that it wasn't purely that, that on some level, maybe she allowed herself to start believing it. In other words, it involved brainwashing.

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