Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This is a followup on the floor-laying by OIC Chairman Larry Rivera:

Thanks for copying Jay on this.  He is a professional in this field and has given his opinion already
Roy Lewis unequivocally told me there was no refurbishing going on up there, and if there had been, he would have been aware of it.  Roy is a first-hand eyewitness.  A couple of days ago, I sent  images from Joachim Joesten's book AND a first generation article from the NYT where Cason said that NOBODY ever went up there, that it was Dead Space, and that they even found employees napping up there sometimes because it was so quiet and remote. Days could go by and nobody would go up there. A sniper could have hidden up there for days and not been noticed.  If you examine affidavits from the first two days 11/22-11/24 NOBODY ever mentions any floor refurbishing. And finally, Roy himself told me the lighting up there was so poor they would have needed special lamps to carry out this type of operation.  The floor refurbishing crap was brought into the story well after the fact.

Larry Rivera

And, this is a response from OIC senior member Jay Knowles:
Sure, but  make sure you post my images and here is Jay's opinion, we did that last July. See below:
Here is what Jay said on 7/6/15

As a professional carpenter having built and renovated dozens of homes, I can verify what you (Larry) have said, and appreciate you posting the pictures of the existing old flooring.  It is, in fact, not a simple job and would require carpenters running the job who had several years experience- at least.  What a great observation you made which has been in front of our noses all this time!  So now, we are apparently faced with the Dan Rather footage having been faked by the killers........ by constructing a fake "plywood installation worksite" !!!!
I can't help thinking that Jack Valenti's role may have been to oversee the film faking, such as the Dan Rather footage and many others after the personal he stuck like glue to LBJ after the coup. 

  Cheers,  Jay 
And on 7/29 when I sent him the image with what looks like old plywood on the cart:
Yes it's possible that it's plywood...there is also a seam on the floor at the right which could be a piece of plywood laid on the floor....but to me, it all still looks suspect.  A bona fide jobsite would have all the damn boxes OUT OF THE WAY.  I would never allow men to work on a flooring job that had boxes piled up everywhere ...exactly on the area of the floor where the new plywood was to be laid.  It would not be safe,  and it would be grossly inefficient with the time it would take to put the new floor in,  with the boxes directly in the way of the work.   To me it looks like the whole scene was created after the fact. A real flooring construction site would have the work space completely cleared of boxes; there would be many tools left in the area, as the work was in progress; there would be the necessary saws. This just isn't right.   

W. Jay Knowles

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