Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's very sad about Prince dying. 57 is awfully young to die. 

He certainly had a lot of fans. What an outpouring of sympathy he's getting. I wanted to put up a song of his. But honestly, I can't.  I tried. I know he was very talented and gifted, but I just can't listen to his kind of music. I really can't. It's just noise to me. I don't want to be cruel, but that's the honest truth. I guess you could say I'm old-fashioned.  

But, I noticed that he did a song called The Most Beautiful Girl in the World which I thought I recognized. But, it was different. The one I was thinking of was from by Rogers and Hart from 1935. Now that is a beautiful song, and with clever lyrics too. 

So, here's Tony Bennett singing The Most Beautiful Girl in the World by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart. I tell you, a song like this is like food for the soul. You listen to this, and while you're listening, your troubles vanish. There is only the beautiful sound.


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