Sunday, April 24, 2016

So, Roy Lewis claims that Buell Frazier drove Oswald to work- each and every morning. Well, that settles it then. It must be true. Because: people are never wrong. We know that. And in this case, it's unimaginable that Roy Lewis could be wrong. 

So, there is absolutely no need to confirm it. We could ask Frazier, but why bother? Let's change the textbooks, the official record, making it that Frazier drove from Irving, not directly to work, but to Oswald's boarding house to get him. And, of course, it was the same thing in reverse going home at day's end. 

Day after day after day after day after day. And just think: Frazier was doing this not knowing that JFK was going to be killed and then Oswald killed. As far as Frazier knew, he was going to be doing it indefinitely- for as long as they both worked there. Years even.

But, the weird thing is that it started when they didn't even know each other. Tell me, are you the kind of person who would do that? Offer to taxi a stranger to and from work every day indefinitely? 

But, think about what it means that Frazier withheld that information for over half a century. Every single work day, riding around with Oswald in the 6 weeks before the JFK assassination? Think of the insights he would have gotten about him; the things he would have learned; the impressions he would have garnered. How dare Frazier keep that a secret for 53 years? And remember, he didn't tell us. He no more told us than Rafael Cruz did. If it wasn't for Roy Lewis, we still wouldn't know it to this day. What gave Frazier the right to keep it to himself? What else has he been hiding, besides the mere fact of  it?   

Frankly, I think this calls for a new investigation. Frazier, obviously, knew Oswald much better than he has ever let on. And he retained a piece of information, a piece of the story, that was and is extremely important. In all those hours of interrogation that Frazier did with the Dallas Police, he never told them that he was transporting Oswald to and from work every single day. And we know that because, obviously, if he had told them, it would have become part of the record, and we'd have heard about it.

So, Buell Frazier has got some serious explaining to do, but to Roy Lewis, I can only say: thank you, thank you, thank you.  

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