Friday, April 29, 2016

So, Oswald was shown the Backyard photo, and he said it wasn't him, that the photo was altered, that his face was put over the body of another man. He also said that he knew how to make such a photographic alteration, and he could show them. 

But, Marina said that it was him and that she took the photo. 

Now, if we look at this historically, even though this was a he said/she said, just one vs. one, why was there a rush to automatically believe Marina? Why did she warrant more credibility than him? Why didn't people, and particularly Oswald defenders, consider the possibility that Marina was the one who was lying?

Aren't we used to seeing story-lines in which the wife is the one who betrays the husband? How about the possibility that nearly everything that Marina said was a grotesque lie?

Before the JFK assassination, the framers of Oswald must have done a very detailed assessment of Marina: her personality, her attitude toward Oswald, her attitude towards being in America. Recall that James Hosty went out to Irving to visit her. He knew Oswald wasn't there. He went to see her. Apparently, they talked for hours. What other assessments did they do? Well, there was George DeMohrenschildt and his wife Jeannine who spent a lot of time with the Oswalds. It was George DeMo who took Marina to Baylor to get her teeth fixed. Now, George DeMo was CIA. So, don't you think he was answering to people about them? And not just about Oswald but about Marina. And according to George DeMo, she spoke derogatorily about Oswald behind his back. She complained about him. And, she must have communicated how much she wanted to stay in America. 

So, they must have anticipated needing her cooperation, and not just her cooperation, but her theatrical skills- to recite her lines correctly and convincingly.

And, I think they expected that she was going to be a pretty easy convert. That's because she had a bad attitude towards Oswald but a good attitude towards America. Perfect. So, they knew beforehand that the carrot on the stick was going to be America: getting to stay in America. 

Plus, she was living with Ruth Paine, and they knew that Ruth was reinforcing the negative attitude towards Oswald. 

Did you ever see the movie The Odessa File? Fabulous show. One of my favorites. Done well in every aspect of the story. In it, Jon Voit plays a German investigative reporter who is trying to bring a Nazi war criminal, the vicious commandant of a concentration camp, to justice. But, the powerful Odessa organization, which had infiltrated every aspect of West German life, including the police, was on to him. So, he was away, and home alone in Hamburg was his beautiful girlfriend, Sigi.  Late one night, Sigi was terrorized by a man who was following her. To escape his clutches, she had to do something daring, which was run out into the street and stop a car. And fortunately, it turned out to be a police captain in plain clothes.

Except: it was all a setup. They were working together. So, this police captain (and he was a real police captain) recommended that they have a police woman live with Sigi, to protect her. And Sigi agreed. The purpose was to obtain information about Peter (the journalist) especially his whereabouts. But, fortunately, when he finally called after a long absence, he was suspicious right away when he heard that a police woman was living with Sigi- because he knew that the Odessa was everywhere. So, very cleverly, he made Sigi aware of the situation, and Sigi very cleverly figured out a way to evade the police woman, so that she could help Peter.

Well, Ruth Paine was like the police woman living with Sigi. And think about the feedback they must have been getting from Ruth Paine. Remember, Ruth Paine was the daughter-in-law of a woman who was best friends in the world with Allen Dulles' longtime mistress. Surely, they knew an awful lot about Marina Oswald before November 22, 1963. 

So, they knew that Marina had a shitty attitude towards Oswald, with complaints galore. They knew she was enamored with America. They knew ahead of time that it was her nature to be submissive to authority. 

And they may also have figured that money would be an incentive. You know how sparsely Marina was living. And she had two children. They must have realized that the kind of money that they could foresee her getting "if she cooperated" would seem like an absolute fortune to her. 

So, very messily, they got Kennedy killed. The Paine garage was set up in advance with the "evidence" they needed. Marina was taken to the police station where she was completely docile, completely cooperative, completely submissive. But, they predicted that in advance from the psychological profiling that they did. Marina spent the night of the 22nd in Irving with Ruth Paine. The next day she went into "protective custody" at the Six Flags Hotel under the auspices of the FBI and Secret Service.  

Now, here's something that you may not have thought about before: one of the most urgent reasons to kill Oswald more or less immediately (less than 48 hours) is because Oswald was Marina's tie to reality, and they needed to cut it. There is a report that Marina visited Lee in his cell on Saturday, November 23, but what do we know about that visit? Nothing! In fact, I am not at all sure it happened. Doesn't it bother you that we know nothing about it, about what was said between them? Then, the next day he was killed. Now, once he was dead, there was now NOBODY left to hold Marina to reality. No friend; no relative; no acquaintance; nobody. After that, it was all new people, surrounding Marina, 24/7, implanting new memories of her life with Oswald and her memories of him. Part II of this will follow.  


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