Thursday, April 28, 2016

Oliver Stone has made a movie about Edward Snowden called Snowden. Here is the trailer for it:

There is also a teaser trailer:

Edward Snowden is a hero to many people, including me. And realize that he's still on the run. He's living in Russia- and how nice of Vlad Putin to accept him and want to help him. I hope he chooses to stay there. I think he can be a more powerful force against US government corruption there than he can here. And why should he submit to any kind of US prosecution? To clear his name? His name is already cleared. I wouldn't grant them the respect of legitimacy, which they certainly don't deserve. He socked it to them. Good for him. He won; they lost. He has nothing to explain; nothing to apologize for; and nothing to regret. He is a hero, and he is 100X smarter than his hapless enemies.      

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