Monday, April 18, 2016

Wow. Talk about a loaded picture. This is the only known image of Operation 40, which was the CIA code word for its sponsored counter-intelligence group of Cuban exiles. It was taken at a nightclub in Mexico City in 1963. 

Second on the left is Porter Goss, who went on to become CIA chief. He was also one of the authors of the Patriot Act and co-chair of the first 9/11 Whitewash (that is, Commission). Porter Goss went to Yale at the same time as George HW's brother and John Negroponte, both Bonesmen. Goss? Bonesman. He is seated between notorious CIA pilot and drug smuggler Barry Seal (third left) and the equally-notorious CIA assassin Felix Rodriguez (front left), a Cuban vice cop under the corrupt Mob-run Batista regime who later became an Iran Contra operative and a confidant of George HW Bush. You see the guy on the other side of the table covering his face with his sport coat? That's Frank Sturgis. THE Frank Sturgis, of the JFK assassination, Watergate, etc. 
Beside Sturgis sits (front right) William Seymour, New Orleans representative of the Double-Chek Corporation, a CIA front company used to recruit pilots (like Seal), and a man who many JFK researchers believe impersonated Oswald on several occasions. We need to identify everyone else at that table. 

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